‘Crimes were committed’- Basil with bare body wearing a bunch of talismans admits in Jaffna ! Makes unbelievable promises ! (Video)

(Lanka-e-News - 08.Oct.2017, 4.20PM)  For the first time , Basil Rajapakse perhaps with the notion to win back the opinions of the Tamil people and curry favor with them   admitted that during their reign   crimes were committed by individuals , when answering questions. 

Basil made these comments at a media briefing in Jaffna after his conclusion of the tour of the peninsula  last week to launch the organizing activities of their new political party in the North.

When a journalist questioned Basil regarding the recent statement made by Sarath Fonseka that he is prepared if necessary to give evidence testifying to the war  crimes committed by the army chiefs of the Rajapakses including those  after the war , Basil became jittery. However he  gave  the following evasive answer most nervously ….

‘ I don’t want to comment on it.  However I do not think our forces committed war crimes though some individuals  may have committed , but those are not ‘war crimes’, those  are ‘crimes’ . The judiciary decided on such crimes in Jaffna  recently . The individual who led the security forces at that time should not make such statements. I think those are irresponsible utterances.  I cannot  comment  on this because I haven’t the capacity  to criticize  or  endorse ’
Basil also made another enunciation  countering  the announcements other racists are loudly making, that is, he said, all the private lands that have been  acquired by the forces in Jaffna shall be returned to the true owners.  Basil even went further (typical of all hypocritical , opportunistic  and crooked politicians) and declared , all the properties and lands which are now under the forces shall be returned , and even state lands shall be granted to the people without lands.
Basil best known as a  crook going by the indictments against him already , suddenly posed as  a ‘hero’ (less known) before the people of Jaffna . With an air of pride (hollow though  ) he  boasted  humanitarian solutions shall be found swiftly at the first opportunity for the victims of ‘disappearances’ during the war and thereafter 

However , Dallas Alahaperuma today in Colombo  when addressing a joint opposition media briefing rejected  the announcements  made about ‘crimes’ by Basil in  the North. By  these contradictions and double speaks it is very evident the double tongued , double dealing, double faced Rajapakses  cannot abandon their old Machiavellian ways and mendacious traits  – saying one thing and doing another  diametrically opposite . Basil however re echoed what Sarath Fonseka said . It is surprising why   there was nobody to make Basil too a victim of a suicide bomber in the same way how an attempt was made on Sarath Fonseka’s life. 

At all events  , it must be acknowledged  Basil whether it is based on  his cunning or hypocrisy  is trying to make the first positive move  to steer clear of racism .
Part of the speech of Basil is in the video footage hereunder. 
The photo herein depicts Basil with bare  body  in  Nallur Temple  with a bunch of talismans around his neck 

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All the Rajafucksha's command of the English Language is EXCELLENT!! They should be hung by the scruff of their balls.
-- by shiranthi pusee on 2017-10-10

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