Rajapakse relative’s massive fraud !Neither I nor Sooriyabandara collected even a cent from ‘President’s special initiative’ – Major Gen. Ravipriya

(Lanka-e-News - 03.Oct.2017, 9.25PM)   “During the period when I was attached to the Sri Lanka embassy in Washington , my  predecessor major general Samantha Sooriyabandara who died , never collected even a cent from the ‘president’s special initiative’,” said Major General  G.V. Ravipriya when speaking to Lanka e news . He also confirmed that he is more than 100 % sure about this .

Following the expose` by  Lanka e news on 2017-09-30 by its report captioned , ‘Billions of rupees misappropriated by Rajapakse’s relative Washington Ambassador Jaliya -proved with evidence !Names of Maj. Gen. Sooriyabandara and Brigadier Ravipriya implicated !!‘  which mentioned also  the names of Major General Sooriyabandara and Brigadier Ravipriya , the latter who is currently director , army training division , speaking to Lanka e news revealed the afore-noted stark truth .

In our report it was stated , at that time when JaliyaWickremesuriya , a relative of MahindaRajapaksethe deposed president whose  name is by now synonymous with monumental corruption,  was the military attaché, he collected over Rs. 12, 611,186.00  using the name of War hero Sooriyabandara and  a further sum of over Rs. 15 ,079,125.00   using  the name of War hero Ravipriya under the dubious ‘President’s special initiative’ fund. We also revealed  that  no payment vouchersbearing dates and the signaturesof the relevant officerswere  submitted to support those misappropriations by Jaliya. 

We also indicated in the damning expose` if the relevant officers do give an answer , we shall publish those. In response to our request ,major general Ravipriya contacted us this morning . He  explained, it is only after he read the LeN report he came to know such a fraud has been perpetrated using his name . 

He vowed that he has never ever signed such a payment voucher and collected payment. Besides , when he was assuming duties , his predecessor was , Major General Sooriyabandara , and before the latter  left Washington he spent about a month with him .Therefore Ravipriyasaid he  knows for sure such a payment was not collected by Sooryabandara. Ravipriya confirmed this beyond any trace of doubt .

Ravipriya went on to disclose theabysmal sufferings that were  faced by Sooriyabandaraas  a victim of political witch hunt, and his untimely death. 

When LeN questioned whether Ravipriya was interrogated by the police earlier on when the latter conducted an investigation into the fraudulent activities of Jaliya , and the payments that were made , Ravipriya replied nobody has  questioned him so far .

It is very evident without any trace of doubt , Jaliya the relative of most notorious corrupt MahindaRajapakse ( buddies of the same feather who robbed together) has misappropriated colossal sums ‘selling’ the names of war heroes. 

The pro good governance masses are earnestly hoping that in the best interests of the nation , action will be taken against not only Jaliya , but  even the accountant of the Embassy who passed the fake payment vouchers  , the accountant of the foreign ministry of Sri Lanka who made the payments, as well as all those who connived at and colluded in  this scam. The masses are hoping all the crooks and the corrupt without any exception  shall be brought before the law and duly punished.

It is presumed as the present foreign minister being a lawyer himself , there shouldn’t  be any barriers to his taking prompt legal action. 

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Billions of rupees misappropriated by Rajapakse’s relative Washington Ambassador Jaliya -proved with evidence !
-Names of Maj. Gen. Sooriyabandara and Brigadier Ravipriyaimplicated !!

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