SL Cricket muddle - Arjuna and Reno are the cause from behind the scene !

(Lanka-e-News - 01.Oct.2017, 7.45PM)   It is my desire to publish this article via Lanka e news because it is a news website which publishes the unalloyed truth to the readers come what may . As a fan of Sri Lanka cricket and am fully aware of  the inside story and have  insightful knowledge of the happenings within , I decided to  send in this article .

Currently a media channel (better known by many as a ‘kudu’ channel ), is every day slinging mud at the SL cricketers and the cricket administration. One or two media coolies of the print media  too are among them . 

According to them , the SL team lost to Zimbabwe ,3-2, and to India in all the matches because the cricket board chairman cum bookie owner has together with the  players rigged the game. This channel is daily concocting news to confirm this. 

However  behind all these manipulations are Arjuna Ranatunge and kudu channel chief Reno De Silva . Both of them are bitterly castigating sports minister and cricket board chairman. 

These two individuals are in broad daylight discrediting  the players and destroying the prestige of SL cricket without let or hindrance. 

It is the aim and ambition of Arjuna to somehow occupy the chairman seat  of the cricket board exploiting the beleaguered   state of  SL  cricket . Nursing this dream   he is in the process of enticing the president and the prime minister (P.M.) into making it a reality. 

We are fully aware Arjuna who calls Thilanga Sumathipala the cricket chairman as a bookie owner was a bosom pal of the latter some years ago and was engaged with him in a number of transactions  in the cricket arena. Then ,  , why is he suddenly describing Thilanga as a bookie owner and is  using the players for match fixing ?

Truly speaking , it is Arjuna who has been a lead role  player in match fixing . The FBI report regarding the Lucknow test in 1994 bears full testimony .it is Arjuna who knows Gupta , an Indian bookmaker. Today Pramodha Wickremesinghes who are dancing to the tune of Arjuna were accomplices in Arjuna’s match rigging in the Indian tournament . Pramodha who abused the cricket association vehicles for his plantain  plantation project is now talking nonsense and indulging in claptrap regarding the Association. It is   same Pramodaya who is tainted with rackets now  pointing an accusing finger at the association.

When Arjuna became the minister of Ports Authority, its cricket team was the  champion  , but after his taking over , the  team fell into second place. 

In order to avert the team from declining further into third place and to uplift it to first place again ,Arjuna in order to  save the club, made use of a member by the name of  Tissera of the Raddoluwa , Seeduwa club who sold that  earlier to Ports authority. 

The Ports authority played against Panadura sports club  in  the tournament to enter the first round of the top  division  , and when it played with Kurunegala SC , using the umpires dragged the match until after dusk , to finally secure full points for the Ports Authority.

Reno has an inveterate grudge against Thilanga based on a conflict that erupted between the latter and  Reno’s brother Duminda De Silva who was sentenced to death , over the polling when they contested elections. Due to this , Reno beginning from morning is slinging mud at Thilanga via his kudu channel, while attacking sports minister Dayasiri too  in the belief that the latter is helping Thilanga. Though one or two individuals are supporting this , a majority of the media personnel of the Kudu channel are disillusioned with and averse to it , according to what they revealed to us.
One day  , after inviting minister  Dayasiri for a political program , using the kudu channel powers Reno employed his close media personnel , to see too it Dayasiri was well and truly ‘smashed to smithereens’ while  asking questions pertaining only to   the cricket sphere.

Dayasiri who perceived the dubious motives of these personnel between  the breaks  tore the three announcers into shreds with his answers. The three rascally announcers then withdrew themselves into a shell , and began questioning on politics.   Many journalists are thoroughly disillusioned with  such  prostitution of office by  the  kudu channel . 

Reno De Silva had an old score to settle with Sanath Jayasuriya a former cricket association chairman stemming from the relationship  Sanath had with Reno’s wife, Maleeka. Reno who was provoked by the leaked video footage of this affair , informed the kudu channel news division to castigate and condemn Sanath relentlessly . Each time the SL team lost a match , Sanath and the selection team were criticized bitterly and unrelentingly by the kudu news channel, to pressurize the selection committee including Sanath  to resign.  

Finally ,Sanath Jayasuriya  resigned. Though that was not due to the  kudu channel pressures , the latter claimed plus points Sanath, and blowing Sanath’s  faults out of proportion while  disparaging  and discrediting  the entire sport of cricket  of SL .  As cricket fans we absolutely condemn this action  because , after all  he was a cricketer who had made a huge contribution to SL cricket when compared with Reno .

There is also some redeeming feature from the standpoint of the public  amidst  the indifference of the bankrupt politicos and the issues that are being faced by the SL sport of cricket . That is not something which  should be destroyed by the many based on their ideas ,  opinions and  their needs.  Because of  one media distorting the facts and giving only one side of the story , obviously the people are being misled, we therefore wished to  communicate our  views based  on our investigation into the behind the scene murky activities   to Lanka e news.
By a SL cricket fan.
Translated by Jeff 

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Sri Lanka cricket would return to normal and flourish if politicians and bookies are kept out of it.
-- by Eddie Wijesuriya on 2017-10-02

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