Matara Pinsiri‘s ‘Women’s Raja kalkaya’’ as a remedy for corruption - The chronic ailment !

(Lanka-e-News- 27.Sep.2017, 11.55PM) Ancient Ayurveda doctors of the South  used Sri Buddha Raja kalkaya (pills)  dissolved  in lime juice to purify bood ,  cure stomach ailments , phlegm conditions and every disease . Now minister Mangala Pinsiri Samaraweera from the South is trying out a novel method to cleanse the Institutions which have  earned the disrepute hitherto as most corrupt . He is employing women as chiefs at the ministry instead of men who were the chiefs before. 

The minister appointed Ms. K. Helen A. Meegasmulla who has 32 years experience in the public service as the Commissioner of the Excise department pursuing  the new theory . She is the first female commissioner of that department . Ms. P.S.M.  Charles another female public servant has been appointed  as the new Director General of the SL Customs department . This is the first time a woman has been appointed to that post . She is a Tamil National and a senior public servant .Prior to this appointment she was  the District secretary, Batticaloa.

Both the Excise department and the Customs department have always been a  safe haven to rogues as they  had a whale of a time in those places. People are hoping  just as Helen and Charles are , that  the popular belief  anybody who joins  those Institutions too becomes a rogue can be proved baseless with the new changes. 

Sri Lanka produced the first woman prime minister and the first woman president , yet no woman occupied the posts aforementioned . It is therefore hoped this  double  will boost the image of the two Institutions instead of doubling the  troubles already existing. 

It is well to recall ,after the advent of the present government , a woman was appointed as the Director General of the Bribery and Corruption Commission. While she was discharging her duties conscientiously and like an ‘Iron lady’, she brought  notorious elusive Gotabaya  before court . Over this action the president Maithripala flew into a rage , and after his deplorable ‘cyanide speech’ created an environment which made her to quit the post. Now whether the Commission is dead or alive is even not known. Since  this is the situation prevailing in the country, Helen and Charles may have to exercise caution. 

The poison of the serpents that gobble eggs is well  known, but the poison of serpents that gobble hoppers is not known yet , nor has any research been done  on it. 

In any event this “Women’s Raja  kalka’’ medicine had not been a cure in every situation. A case in point was the Commissioner General of Inland Revenue department  who   was also a  woman but a misfit. 

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Ms Charles is not the first woman Director General in Customs Department. There was one Mrs Sudharma Karunarathna as DG/Customs some time back. She is now retired.
-- by B.Hettiarachchi on 2017-10-02

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