Lalith and Anusha sleep on either side of Thajudeen murderer Captain Tissa ; Dr. Nirmali deranged and disoriented !

(Lanka-e-News - 20.Sep.2017, 11.45PM)   Following the immediate transfer of Dr. Nirmali the chief medical officer of prison hospital from it to national hospital ,  several incidents linked  to the ‘sordid rest house’ she ran at the prison hospital have come to light.

Currently  the two imprisoned culprits Lalith Weeratunge and Anusha Pelpita sleep on either side of  Tissa Wimalasena alias ‘Captain Tissa” (Mahinda Rajapakse ‘s driver) the prime suspect in the Thajudeen murder . Tissa who is flanked  by  Anusha and Lalith   is well looked after by them .

It is Captain Tissa the ruthless murderer who abducted popular Rugby player Thajudeen , broke his bones and burned him  to death , and it is Nirmali who saw to it  Tissa is warded in the prison hospital from 19 th to provide him with all the luxurious comforts of Kings. 

Sanath Chandra of police department a suspect in a another most ghastly murder in Sri Lanka’s history is warded at the prison hospital from 21 st March , and ‘Wickremesooriya of the Navy  is warded at the prison hospital from the 12 th.  It is to be noted both of them  have no ailments.

Admission tickets of Lalith –Anusha to prison hospital  written within 11 mins.!

Lalith and Anusha were taken in through the main gate of the prison by the prison guards  Samarakoon and Hettiyawatha on 7 th September at 4.04 p.m. This has been recorded by jailor Duminda while  Dr. racketeer Nirmali had started examining the two culprits  at 4.15 p.m. and concluded the examination at 5.00 p.m. 

Nirmali had examined Lalith who defrauded  Rs. 600 million of public funds , within just 11  mins . of his entry into  the prison. ( This is why we reported on September 8 th , even before Lalith and Anusha the notorious crooks were brought to  prison , Nirmali was in the ready to admit them to the prison hospital).

Nirmali the rascally doctor wrote the hospital tickets for the  duo within a few mins. though she  delayed their admission to prison hospital because the gaze of the whole country was on her foul plays and  misconduct despite being a doctor . Shoudn’t the professional body question on this ? 

According to Nirmali , when Lalith  was being admitted to hospital , he had missed  4 doses of insulin. How strange , Nirmali who was loitering near the prison gate anticipating the arrival of Lalith , and wrote the ticket within just 11 mins. instead of administering the insulin injection, had spent her time making entries in  the registers to admit him to hospital.

On 7 th of September Dr. Nirmali was the  doctor ‘on call’. Jailor Mohan Karunaratne had phoned at 4.35 p.m.  to summon her and  Nirmali who arrived after the call has examined Lalith . However she had recorded she examined Lalith within the prison at 4.15 p.m.  Obviously , Nirmali is deranged and disoriented or a magician  because based on her own time recording , she had examined Lalith at 4.15 p.m even before she  arrived  in hospital. Her dementia  is further confirmed by the fact  that she is  always more concerned about engaging in  sordid activities than performing her professional duties duly.  

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These events clearly indicate that the legal system is fully rigged and corrupt. That is the reason for the outburst from Ranjan. Every political prisoner is admitted to the prison hospital and food ordered from star class hotels. What type of a corrupt country are we living in ? The President goes to UN to paint a rosy picture of the banana republic.
-- by Romesh on 2017-09-21

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