Curse of Dr Nirmali banished at last : Kicked out from prison hospital ! GROBR !!

(Lanka-e-News - 18.Sep.2017, 11.30PM)  Nirmali Thenuwara who became famous for the wrong reasons and was the  source of stench while being the chief medical officer at the Prison hospital  was kicked out from prison hospital today (18) !  Dr. Nirmali with the patronage of the most abhorred  GMOA , and her paramour at the  health ministry made the prison hospital her personal property over a long period. While being a mistress of a health ministry official and deriving personal pleasure from it was also providing all the illegal pleasures and luxuries to ‘super prisoners’ while she was the chief of the prison hospital . 
The Health ministry had addressed a letter to the IGP requesting him to investigate the 26 new charges mounted against her,  through the CID.

Lanka e news revealed earlier on about her corrupt practices and illicit activities in relation to the two convicts Lalith Weeratunge and Anusha Pelpita after they were jailed . Previously ,  Hirunika too had  exposed her perfidies and insisted that an investigation be conducted against her. 

In addition , Ranjan Ramanayake M.P., former secretary of prison nurses association Mahinda Kodagoda , president of the  association for protection of rights of prisoners ,Senaka Perera (a lawyer) , Lawyer Udul Premaratne , Director of Human rights center Keerthi Tennekoon ,  and lawyer Namal Perera making written complaints to the Prison reforms minister Swaminathan and Health minister Rajitha Senaratne urged that this rascally racketeer doctor Nirmali be removed from prison hospital.

Swaminathan conducted  a probe into this , and as he had  no powers over the prison hospital he requested the minister of health to take appropriate action against her.

Meanwhile there is  also  an investigation under way against her at the Human Rights Commission for neglecting a prisoner and not treating him who was attacked by the prison officers .

Although Nirmali was riding the high horse within prison hospital , except for four doctors of the prison hospital , all the others reported sick today (18) demanding that she be removed from the prison hospital. They met with Dr. Rajitha Senaratne today and submitted a report containing 26 charges against Nirmali. 

The minister of health duly gave orders before to transfer her but the villainous traitorous GMOA that has been a pain in the neck to helpless and hapless patients in hospitals by staging unwarranted and unnecessary strike gave her protection. Even when the doctors until today were demanding that she shall  be transferred , the  paramour of frustrated Nirmali at the health ministry obstructed the transfer through his intervention.The doctors at the prison charged that because part of the bribes she receives by pampering ‘super prisoners’  is collected by him , he is conducting himself in this sordid manner. The doctors also pinpointed unless she is transferred on that very day , the people would suspect she is even bribing the minister Rajitha and holding back the transfer , knowing well her ways.
In any case , after these charges were mounted , her paramour was unmasked , and the minister ordered the health service director general Dr. Jayasundara Bandara to transfer her to  Colombo hospital . The minister also instructed that the 26 charges mounted against her be entrusted to the CID for investigation. 

The people can now heave a sigh of relief – a festering stinking sore that plagued the nation has at last been got rid of !

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She should be allowed to stay in prison, but this time behind bars
-- by Cassandra on 2017-09-19

Why transfer to General Hospital - should have been to one of the hospitals in the islands off Jaffna. Even the pimping husband should also have been investigated.
-- by Ferdie on 2017-09-19

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