Yet another innovation from Akila ! Vocational education to O/L failures –Pilot project next month !

(Lanka-e-News - 17.Sep.2017, 11.45PM)     A novel  program titled  “ 13 years of education certificate” is to be introduced designed for students who followed their classes without interruption from the first year to the 13 th year but failed in the GCE Ordinary level examination. This program which is to be launched from October this year aims at providing  ‘vocational  education’ to those students.

Annually , 250,000 -300,000 students sit the GCE O/L exam and out of them about 120,000 successfully complete it rendering them eligible to follow GCE advanced level .

Under this 13 years of uninterrupted education project  , though the students have failed in the GCE O/L , they can still look up to  a bright future .  26 subjects have been identified for the new  ‘vocational  education’, and those students who follow are awarded an NVQ level 4  certificate   after they complete the course.

This new program which is to commence in  2019 will  cover  all  schools. Already a sum of Rs. 5 billion has been allocated for this project. The education ministry has planned to launch the pilot project in October this year. 

4419 students of 42 national schools of all the districts  will receive the education opportunities  via this project which will comprise 134 classrooms , 27 smart class rooms , 27 Multifunction classrooms , 33 Aesthetic units, 25 libraries covering vocational  subjects  and 92 Multimedia screens . 

At the same time 26 subjects on technology will be  introduced to the School curriculum , and through those theoretical and practical lessons will be taught to  the students . The  subjects taught will cover  psychology , physical fitness ,puppetry, Home décor, landscaping ,  culinary art , agriculture , aquatic resources management , Estate management , apparel and garments manufacture, welding technology , software development,  environmental science , setting up of  websites and  Tourism Industry.  

In a nutshell , Minister Akila Viraj Kariyawasam through this innovation which is his brainchild , plans to  provide vocational  education to students who fail in the GCE O/L exam , thereby minimizing unemployment and via that boost the national  economy  

After this project , all students who fail in the GCE O/L exam will be leaving schools armed with a professional education certificate.

Instead of turning out  arts graduates  in large  numbers via  Universities , and be unemployed , it is  infinitely better to secure vocational education at GCE O/L stage and come out from schools itself  armed with that knowledge  which will also serve as  a launching pad for higher training in their own chosen vocational attainments, if necessary.

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Well done Sir, Well done . Wish you all the best. Hope you have the courage to implement and sustain. 1 Milo; three whaler drivers our more than enough. Ps; Sir, we may loose some future parliamentarians no?
-- by Jigsaw Jakson on 2017-09-19

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