SLFP faithfully follows what UNP did : purging party of scoundrels begins ! Out goes Arundika Frenando!

(Lanka-e-News- 14.Sep.2017, 11.45)  The salutary steps that were  taken to expel ex minister turncoat, cutthroat ,corrupt Wijedasa Rajapakse  from his portfolios by the UNP is now being followed by the SLFP too to the great delight and relief of the masses ! The process of the party purging of undesirables and discarded crooks and corrupt  irrespective of their ranks and status which began with the UNP is now continued by the SLFP’s leader president Maithripala Sirisena Arundhika Fernando the deputy minister of tourism and Christian affairs also nicknamed ‘Ethanol Raja’ was expelled from his portfolio by the SLFP leader  on the 12 th.

By virtue of the powers vested in the president under section 46 (3a) of the constitution this expulsion took place with effect from  12th 

Since the period of Rajapakse regime , Aundhika , a most illiterate uncivilized uncouth  politico  had been engaging in illicit Ethanol business and is well noted as an ethanol tycoon. 

 ‘Arundhikas’ the cursed barbaric scoundrels who were eager to bury  Maithripala Sirisena 6 feet underground then  , at the time of forming the consensual government came forward to support it not with honest or  sincere motives. The hidden primary motive was to escape from the numerous criminal charges already against Arundhikas  , and to somehow surreptitiously promote and propel the corrupt discarded Rajapakses, who are a by now a byword for corruption and criminalities, to re- capture power.

Though it cannot be assumed that the president was in the dark about all these aims and ambitions , following the statement made recently in public by  Arundhika he would quit the government against the government , the president took this right step and decision , at least at the belated stage. It is hoped the president would take such bold and right measures to purge his party of all the rascals and undesirables too . By such moves and measures , the president’s image is only going to be boosted,  and not  dented.
When UNP Radical Tide met with president , the latter had  promised that the purge would begin after the SLFP convention , Lanka e news reported. 

If president Maithripala develops the guts on the same lines to chase out corrupt scoundrels like Arundhika not only from the portfolio but also from the M.P.  as well as organizer posts , that would be most conducive to restoration of  the image of the  party which was torn into shreds by the corrupt criminal Rajapakses . That  will also enable   president Maithripala to demonstrate even though it is a trifle too late that  the SLFP is now a reformed and progressive party . Without such determination and guts to cleanse the party he cannot expect any welcome from the pro good governance masses  and law abiding citizens . A case in point is presently discarded ex minister  Wijedasa Rajapakse ….

Wijedasa has told a friend of his with deep regret  , not even a member of  his Maharagama UNP Central committee took the trouble to give him a call  to express their sorrow after he was expelled from his  ministerial   portfolios . Unbelievably, not a lawyer , not a judge , not a robed monk (even those who profited from him) had even phoned  the erstwhile minister of justice  to inquire about his plight . 
This is the stark unassailable truth of  politics in Sri Lanka (SL) . The corrupt are recognized because their leader shields and safeguards the corrupt  , not because the corrupt are popular and powerful. Even Mahinda Rajapakse if he is chased out from all his posts in the SLFP , it will be the same dismal and disastrous  fate he will have to face . However,  since he has misappropriated all the funds of the State without any qualms about the desperate plight of the country ,  and has been able to hide those massive  illicit earnings somewhere and  somehow, those with him ,as long as there is that   filthy lucre would scream and shout, but they  too would finally desert him. This is inevitable  like inescapable death  even if Mahinda (nomerena miniha) going by his behavior is harboring the notion he  is deathless.
One  may be  uncorrupt but what happened to  Somawansa Amarasinghe a supposedly uncorrupt  party  leader after he was out of the party is another  good illustration .

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