Diabetes and liver enlarged convicts Lalith and Anusha eat sumptuous Chinese food supplied from out !

(Lanka-e-News -10.Sep.2017, 6.40PM) Lalith Weeratunge the ex secretary of  deposed people discarded president Mahinda Rajapakse ,and Anusha Pelpita the ex Director General of SLT who were each sentenced to 3 years rigorous imprisonment and heavy fines  on charges of defrauding  public funds to the tune of a whopping Rs. 600 million in connection with the presidential election campaign of ex president Mahinda Rajapakse enjoyed sumptuous meals like ‘Kings enjoying  at banquets ’ within the prison.  Both of them on the 9 th  ate lunch  got down from a super luxury  Chinese Restaurant ‘Shendong’ , Rajagiriya. These two convicts are now in prison hospital after being   transferred from the prison cell on a false medical report.

The meals comprised Crystal rice , Chinese chopsuey and devilled chicken .The quantity of rice was enough to serve 18 persons.  Mind you this food was got down for the gourmandizing  pleasure of none other than two confirmed condemned  criminals within prison supposedly suffering from Diabetes , based on the medical report provided by a venal prison doctor.
Sarana Gunawardena another remand prisoner who is enjoying all the luxuries within prison also has been given permission to get down  meals from outside.He therefore gets his meals from Shendong Restaurant or from home. On the 09 th  , 16  prisoners   including Sarana in the same prison ward  have shared the sumptuous meal at lunch.
Prisoners who have been sentenced on a court verdict but in remand prison or prison hospital in the interim  cannot get down  meals from outside .  On the other hand prisoners in remand custody pending court verdict can get meals from outside on the recommendation of the prison hospital chief medical officer or with the permission of the prison officials, but in case too food sufficient for only that particular prisoner can be provided.
If a prisoner is to have all the luxurious comforts inside prison including sumptuous food from the super luxury Chinese hotels while also  being in prison hospital throughout his term just  because Nirmali Thenuwara and the lawyers informed court that the prisoner  is suffering from diabetes and enlarged liver ,  what is the purpose of laws  of a country against crimes , and   the existence of  prisons to punish  a wrongdoer ?
No wonder political bigwigs and their henchmen are fearlessly and eagerly committing colossal frauds and robbing public funds with gay abandon  because they know the monumental  benefits they derive from their robberies outweigh the sufferings they may have to face in prisons following sentencing by court .( There are also many who enjoy complete impunity even after committing the heinous crimes) .  They are fully aware their  sufferings following sentencing are infinitesimal when compared with their infinitely large illicit gains made through their criminalities.

If any of you have a relative or friend in prison hospital Dr. Nirmali can be contacted at 077 3422250 (mobile phone) to  get her permission to provide whatever their needs. Her  modus operandi: special privileged group must pay monthly kickbacks while the ordinary class prisoner will have to pay on daily basis to obtain her permission. Except Nirmali all other doctors are prohibited from granting permission to supply food from outside at the moment. 

On the 9 th , 34  permits to obtain  lunch from outside  were issued. Over 130 culprits in prison hospital  ward benefited via  those permits and  enjoyed themselves to the hilt .

Innocent poverty stricken  masses outside are struggling for one square meal a day after a hard day’s honest labor whereas these rogues and rascals after committing daylight robbery on the public funds with impunity  are living like ‘Kings’ inside prison. What a cruel irony of ironies !

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"Report shows Lanka’s jails dens of corruption" Minister of Prison Reforms - where are you. The whole Prisons needs a shake up specially the Commissioner General. Alternately he should consider opening a five star hotel within the prisons so that the privileged crooks can spend the time in the hotel cum hospital - eating Chinese and Italian cuisine. The who system has become a joker specially after the previous regime.
-- by Saduna on 2017-09-10

I hope these prisoners who rob the public end up with enlarged liver and diabetes. If these prisoners keep eating these Chinese foods Dr. Nirmalee will have to deal enlarged penis - which she is quite used to. Why are these whores not screened or transferred out every year.
-- by Sam the Man on 2017-09-10

JO is collecting money for the beggars to pay the fine ? from people who can't afford a square meal. Knowing fully well their supporters are donkeys of the first order who again contribute. While they have looted billions from the state. No wonder they eat from best Chinese restaurants. No wonder they were smiling when they were taken handcuffed together.
-- by Wikum on 2017-09-10

Money collection is a cover up. The fine is peanuts to Rajapakses. Anyway the time prisoners spend irn the hospital should exclude from the sentence. Otherwise it is an insult to the verdict given.
-- by Citizen on 2017-09-14

@LEN according to our law n procedures is there any way to highlight this to the court/judge who sentenced these people?
-- by Kara on 2017-09-19

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