A notorious Blue Brigand scoundrel cum PMG (Polu Master General) who was interdicted for post of high court judge !

(Lanka-e-News - 09.Sep.2017, 11.55PM)  While hatching conspiracies to chase out a most erudite and reputed high court judge Gihan Kulatunge , it is learnt that a district judge Aravinda Perera who was earlier interdicted is to be appointed as a high court judge. In addition Aravinda despite being a judge is a loan defaulter who has cheated 8 banks and  financial Institutions to the tune of a whopping Rs. 19 million  by not repaying the loans taken by him. It is with deep regret we are reporting this  sad  news revolving around  an issue which  can spell doom to the judiciary  and the country. 

The antecedence of Aravinda is so putrid that in the list of defaulters revealed by Central Bank  -that is CRIB report, his name appears in that list over 15 times implying that he is a  notorious P.M.G. (Polu Master General) – in short an ace crook ! 
He has taken loans in many millions from 6 banks and 2 financial Institutions.  Among the banks that have been taken for a ride by him are National Savings Bank(NSB), National Development Bank (NDB) , Peoples Bank and  Bank of Ceylon . He has duped  the banks to the tune of Rs. 19 million after taking loans. 

In 2012 , the Bank of Ceylon filed 2 cases in the district court to recover this loan from Aravinda the PMG (not Post master General!).  After Aravinda became the district court judge he secured the opportunity to hear his own cases.  He summoned 2 officers of the Bank of Ceylon which had filed action against him , threatened them  and suppressed the two cases . 

Subsequently judge Ganepola who replaced Aravinda uncovered these two concealed cases and  reported to the Judicial Service Commission(JSC) .

The president of the JSC at that time was a former chief justice Shiranee Bandaranaike .Aravinda who was summoned before the Commission was ordered to submit the CRIB report forwarded to him by the Bank of Ceylon for  investigation . The CRIB report can be obtained only by the party involved or the financial Institution, or the Police . The JSC cannot call for a CRIB report and therefore Aravinda was notified to  produce it.

The report submitted by Aravinda stated he is a Debtor who had defaulted on loan payments . The Commission then served a charge sheet on   Aravinda, interdicted him and commenced disciplinary inquiries .

As it was often the case during the corrupt Rajapakse era when the corrupt and the crooks held sway under the patronage  of the then despotic president Mahinda Rajapakse (Alibaba) the chieftain of the crooks, because Aravinda’s father Siri Perera was a long time bosom pal of despotic Mahinda  , and Aravinda was a front line unofficial  member of Namal Rajapakse’s Nil Balakaya , the crooked Aravindas ( father and  son)  got together with the other crooked Rajapakse set (Mahinda and Namal) and suppressed this fraud  after Aravinda duo complained to the Rajapakse duo. 

Mahinda then summoned the members of the JSC for a discussion  in order to rescind the  interdiction order .

The then president of the JSC Shirani Bandaranaike vehemently opposed this , and also  an official communique was issued by  judge Manjula Thilakaratne who was its secretary at that time revealing the threats  faced by the Commission  . It was based on that  communique , the murderers and marauders of Rajapakse tried to murder judge Thilakaratne on a later date at Mt. Lavinia. 

The communique issued on 2012-09-20 stated thus :  ‘As of late when disciplinary action is to be taken against a judge , various threats are being posed to the Judicial Service Commission against the decision.

 Besides , the attempts made to invite the president of the JSC who is the chief justice , and two judges of the Supreme court who are members of the Commission to a discussion is tantamount to undermining the independence of the Commission and the judiciary . This attempt was rendered unsuccessful after the relevant Institutions were enlightened on the importance of independence sans influence and the need to safeguard that independence. In this regard the Commission has written evidence in  its custody .’

Thereafter , it   continued until Shiranee Bandaranaike was chased out by Rajapakses from her post of chief justice .

In 2013 , after Mohan Peiris took over as chief Justice he did not vacate the interdiction order against  Aravinda. He was of the  view that the disciplinary action shall be continued. In he meanwhile , Aravinda who was a friend of Dilith Jayaweera chief of ‘Hakerella’ channel and stock market dealer somehow contacted Gotabaya through Jayaweera , and managed to get himself reinstated  as district judge.

Following the advent of the government of good governance , notorious Mohan Peiris  had to go, and he was replaced by Sri Pavan. Under the latter as the president of the JSC ,  a fresh CRIB report was requested. Aravinda instead of forwarding the CRIB report got around his pals in the bank . After convincing the bank he would settle the dues in installments ,   submitted those affidavits to the JSC.After the name of a loan defaulter is included in the CRIB , that name is not expunged until the loan is settled. 

Aravinda the loan defaulter who cheated the bank created a world record as the only judge in the whole wide world who is occupying the exalted position of a judge (dis)gracing the bench after his  reinstatement (via foul means) ; and SL is the only country in the world that has given way to  such a disgraceful scenario in the judicial sphere. 

Now , Priyasad    Dep is the chief justice after SriPavan’s retirement . He is also the president of the JSC. The worst part of these dramatic turn of events unfolded when  the JSC now ratified  the promotion  of this one and only  notorious Aravinda to the post of  high court judge  .

It is learnt another group within  the JSC itself has justifiably opposed this. The main reason for their objection is ,not only the non payment of loans but also over 12 other complaints received against Aravinda  by the JSC.

The pro Rajapakse scoundrels who are leaving no stone unturned to oust judges of integrity like Gihan Kulatunge   who delivers accurate and unbiased judgments , are also determined to bring in judges like crooked Aravinda who are shameless unscrupulous lackeys  and lickspittles of Machiavellian corrupt Rajapakses ,and install them as high court judges for obvious reasons- to get those equally rascally judges to deliver judgments in the future according to the whims and fancies of the pro Rajapakse  faction. It is to create such a climate these pro Rajapakse rascals and rogues are moving heaven and earth.

Though such a situation was the last thing and the least that could be expected from a JSC under the good governance government , yet the JSC has by now sent a letter to the president approving the appointment of infamous Aravinda Perera as high court judge. 

If the president is truly pro good governance and is acting in the best interests of the people and the country he should refrain from giving the consent to appoint such a jiggery pokery as a high court judge. 

 (The photograph herein depicts Aravinda the jiggery pokery judge enjoying with his pals over a drink like street urchins and pickpockets . In any other country this photo alone is enough to chase Aravinda out from the post of judge  let alone granting promotion.)

By a courts inside information division reporter of Lanka e news 

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