SLFP convention : Maithri’s ‘Cyanide route’- playing into the hands of MaRa ; many pronouncements provoking Int. community ! (Video)

(Lanka-e-News - 05.Sep.2017, 6.25AM) As Lanka e news revealed on 3 rd morning so president Maithripala Sirisena proved on that day at the 66 th SLFP convention that he has chosen  the ‘cyanide route’ or his ‘political suicide route’ to the detriment of the country as well as  the masses that elected him to power.  But what is more  important than his selection of the cyanide route  are   his most recklessly dangerous  pronouncements made against the international community  thereby once again provoking and antagonizing  the international community  .  President’s disastrous cyanide route notwithstanding ,the more imminent danger is ,  his pronouncements can force those countries to   boycott and turn hostile to  the motherland .

Maithripala toeing the same line of  lawless brutal Mahinda Rajapakse the deposed and currently people discarded president announced on the 3 rd  that he would take measures to shield and safeguard former army commander Jagath Jayasuriya the infamous war criminal who is a pet and  puppet of equally or more infamous Rajapakses .  He will ensure no punishment is meted out to Jagath Jayasuriya, the president added.  .The president went even further to mount charges against Yasmin Suka the executive director of International truth and justice movement . He accused in much the same way as did Rajapakses that the organization of Suka is receiving aid from the LTTE organization . Moreover  the president refused to acknowledge there had been  human rights violations in the past.
Unbelievably , the president made these short sighted comments completely and cruelly ignoring the glaring facts revealed by Field marshal Sarath Fonseka a most popular and patriotic ex army commander who won a 30 years old  war against terrorists for the country , and who worked indefatigably and with commitment to make Maithripala Sirisena the president of the country.
Fonseka being an honest law abiding army commander directly disclosed   , Jagath Jayasuriya committed crimes and were done at the behest of Rajapakses , and that he  is prepared to testify if a case is heard in any  court in this regard   ( The video footage of Fonseka’s revelations was published by Lanka e news  on  a different date)

Jagath Jayasuriya the war crime criminal  …

It is deemed that an  amplification  on this matter is important  for and on behalf of our viewers…
As Jagath Jayasuriya was  most incapable as an army officer at   the war front  ,Sarath Fonseka during the war did not allow him to serve in the front line or lead the army, rather he was allowed to supervise  the second row army officers supplying the necessary items to those  at  the battle front. 

LTTE members and civilians who surrendered to those in the battle front were accepted by the soldiers  and handed over to the second row front in Vavuniya of Jagath Jayasuriya providing supplies. What Gotabaya Rajapakse and Hendavitharne did was , after establishing ties with Jaysuriya on the sly , and without Fonseka’s knowledge picked   the surrendering LTTE cadres  and Tamil civilians , abducted and killed them with  Jayasuriya’s connivance and permission. Though those who surrendered should be listed , and if any  legal action is to be taken against them they must be transferred to the relevant division, instead  , without entering their names in the list, Jayasuriya  secretly allowed Gotabaya to abduct and kill them . Under the laws governing war , this was a serious crime and absolutely  unlawful.

About 1500 who  so surrendered were taken out  by Gotabaya from time to time in the nights and murdered. ( We are in possession of many statements made by several individuals  including army superiors , and we have reported earlier in that regard) .  It is in relation to these victims who went missing their relatives are now complaining to the international community.

These crimes are just  one instance of the many   crimes Sarath Fonseka is referring to . These were the crimes committed by Jayasuriya on the sly  at the behest of Gotabaya keeping Fonseka in the dark . It is because of these criminal ties Gotabaya had with Jagath Jayasuriya  and owing to their  conspiracies , Fonseka was removed from the post of army commander , and Jayasuriya who was far down below 17 others in  the rank  was promoted to that post . In addition it was Jayasuriya’s assistance that  was enlisted to arrest Fonseka who was treated most shabbily and insolently during that operation.
The same Rajapakses after Jayasuriya retired dispatched the latter  as a foreign envoy to enable him to enjoy to the hilt.  

Strangely  , it is to  save such a criminal like Jagath Jayasuriya, the lawfully elected president Maithripala is screaming . He shouted with all his might at the convention , ‘ I shall save him even if no one else will  .’ What a shame ! a president legally elected by the people, of the people and for the people to rule the country lawfully is screaming in the open unlawfully that he would rescue a criminal . That is he is  confirming he is for the criminal and not for the law abiding people. 

It is beyond our comprehension  why the president chose  such a momentous occasion like the SLFP 66 th anniversary to speak for and on behalf of  a two penny half penny worth criminal like Jagath Jayasuriya who  sold not only his soul but even the uniform for cheap selfish self degrading gains. 

Yasmin Suka

Let us also reveal to our viewers who is Ms. Yasmin Suka whom president Maithripala describes as a tiger. Suka is a South African human rights lawyer who worked with commitment towards the creation of the Truths commission when Nelsen Mandela was engaged in establishing  reconciliation  in South Africa. She is a world recognized senior lawyer and is a member  of the International independent commission appointed by the UN general secretary to probe into the human rights violations in SL.

She has in her custody copious and grave evidence pertaining to the crimes of Jagath Jayasuriya  . Being a senior lawyer of integrity and international fame , she can never ever be a tool of the defeated discarded LTTE organization . Hence it is certain no cases are going to be filed sans cogent evidence.
The International  truth and justice movement has filed a case against Jagath Jayasuriya not through the International criminal court (ICC) , rather it  is by a court of the country where Jayasuriya was a Sri Lankan  foreign envoy. Neither an individual nor an organization can file a case in the ICC. That can only be done by a country with the permission of the UN organization.  In the circumstances  the loud braggadocios  of president Maithripala on the 3 rd imitating the  Rajapakse brags  that ‘commanders’ of the forces shall be rescued are most inconsistent , incongruous , senseless and meaningless.
The war crime charges against  SL that were to be filed by the international community were stalled because the government which was installed in power on 2015-01-08 gave an assurance that an internal investigation will be conducted against those facing war crime charges, and punishment will be meted out to them after a trial. Hence the legal action was halted  not on the grounds that no war crimes had been  committed.
Hence if the present government does not honor its promise to the international community , without any trace of doubt the latter is going to view this lapse as most serious and take measures as grave as were taken against  corrupt and crooked Mahinda Rajapakse government or even  much graver  .

Of course Gamarallas and frogs inside the wells do not know about the world , and that  international organizations do not work like the State institutions in SL , the country where important files are kept hidden for a while and then  after some time they are  reported lost. 

If only Maithripala has followed  the advice pertaining to international affairs from modern day advisors  rather than from Gamarallas , he would not have made such statements.  In his pronouncement  on 3 rd he made a very serious  slip . He said, he would not accept there were human rights violations in SL in the past. Can a president of a good governance make such an utterance while  the glaring facts are staring in his face. ? 

If Maithripala is to play the main role to rescue an individual like Jagath Jayasuriya  who is being accused not only by  Suka but even by our own former army commander Sarath Fonseka that Jayasuriya  committed war crimes  , the next crucial question is , whether  Maithripala is also in the same boat of Mahinda Rajapakse the most notorious mendacious Machiavellian deposed president ?  Is  Maithripala trying to display he is Mahinda to all intents and purposes ,  except that  he lacks  a moustache, a cursed shawl , a hoarse highway robber’s  voice of mendacious Mahinda ,  and his habit of hitting on his own chest like a chimpanzee. 

Owing to  all these indiscretions and myopic thinking  it is the wrath  and resentment  of the international community that are  being re kindled as  were  during the Rajapakse era. This is why Lanka e news is apprehensive , when Maithri is recklessly hurtling down  the cyanide route it is the country that is being put in dire jeopardy locally and internationally. Based on the speech made   by the president at the SLFP convention it is evident he is assuming  by ‘dressing’ like Mahinda Rajapakse he can lure more members to the SLFP. It is a matter for deep regret seemingly  Maithripala hasn’t even  that little grey matter to understand while Mahinda Rajapakse (nomerena miniha)  , Basil Rajapakse, Gotabaya Rajapakse , Namal Rajapakse are still living and not dead , and when they are not only behaving but also  hoping  they will never die , no matter how corrupt and crooked they are , the SLFP ers don’t need a substitute.  

Of course to us it is very clear  Maithri’s   ‘cyanide route ’ is only leading him on the road  to perdition  and political suicide   though he cannot perceive. The Rajapakse cronies  and lackeys Maithri has taken into his fond fold are earnestly anticipating the day when Maithri following the cyanide route will plunge himself  into irretrievable doom and gloom so that they can get their Rajapakse clan back on the scene with glee.  

Be that as it may , the president also took pains at the convention  to explain in detail the reasons which led to the successful formation of the consensual government , and the benefits the country derived therefrom. He was profusely thankful to the Bandaranaike  couple for the contributions  they made. 

 ‘People’s power in the right direction , an unstained journey’

 ‘People’s power in the right direction , an unstained journey’ was the slogan under which the official team of the SLFP which accepts Maithripala Sirisena as its leader held its 66 th convention at Campbell park , Colombo on the 3 rd.  Though there was a crowd , that was not enough to fill the ground. The organizers notified that representatives of 46 different  political parties and organizations attended the event . 

SLFP general secretary Duminda Silva making the welcome speech said, the 65 th anniversary was held under the slogan ‘ party along  the right direction’ , and the 66 th anniversary is being held under the slogan ‘people’s power along   the right direction’, and in the future under the leadership of Maithripala Sirisena it will be  ‘ the country along   the right direction.’ 
A number of resolutions were adopted at the convention . Though it was planned to get the resolution to retain the executive presidency also passed , that was not tabled. However Nimal  Siripala De  Silva the party ‘s senior Vice president in his speech said , in  2020 under an SLFP president an SLFP government will be formed. The inference is , president Maithripala will not abolish the executive presidency though that was his solemn pledge to the people  in 2015 , and that the SLFP is expecting  a presidential election in 2020. 

Siripala and Amunugama  are re born following their demise !

Nimal  Siripala best  noted for worst  buffoonery and tomfoolery,  in his speech made another stupid blunder . When Chandrika Bandaranaike the daughter of S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike and Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike was the president , she admitted publicly  that because her late father made Sinhalese language alone the state language , the ethnic war erupted . Yet Nimal Siripala talking like a ‘Silly pala’ said  at the convention  , making  Sinhala only the state language  was a welcome and  important change, owing to which the country progressed.  However Nimal Siripala not only refrained from  saying  it was the cause of the ethnic war , but also refrained from  explaining  why Chandrika during her tenure of office accepted Tamil and English as state languages. He also pinpointed the SLFP ers assembled  at the Campbell park not to safeguard an individual but the party .

Sarath Amunugama who tabled  the proposal on international affairs declared the 30 years old ethnic war was the result of the UNP government of 1977 which did not  take  the non aligned stance and because it  followed   pro Western policies . It is shocking Amunugama who holds a doctorate had forgotten history so soon . The first political murder in Jaffna – the killing of SLFP mayor Alfred Duraiyappa took place as far  back in  1975,  and was committed by Tamil youths including Prabhakaran who had by then embarked on terrorist activities.
Economic proposal was tabled by S.B. Dissanayake  while the proposal on food and environment was tabled by Susil Premajayanth.  W.D.J. Seneviratne tabled the proposal on labor and the proposal on youths was made by Shantha Bandara .

Mahinda Amaraweera too tabled a proposal while  Dr. Ms . Fernandopulle tabled a proposal on woman’s affairs.  The convention was concluded with a queer proposal which is never made while a president is still living . It was a proposal tabled by Anura Priyadharshana Yapa  to pay tribute to the president .

Chief minister of East Nazeer Ahamed representing the Muslims also spoke on the occasion while minister Mano Ganeshan spoke on behalf of the Tamil people. 

A video tape of the entire  proceedings of the  66 th anniversary of the SLFP can be viewed hereunder 

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I think its amply clear now who should be tried for war crimes first - its architect and protector of criminals . The Minister of Defense at the time. The President is not a investigator or judge to determine who is a criminal. The sooner these accused stand for trial its better, otherwise the law will catch up later in life as it will never go away.. Both the culprit and the protector will both end up as criminals. In case you have nothing to hide why worry. Its time civilized foreign nations take note of these statements and take appropriate measures and restrictions. Such statements put the entire nation and its population at risk.
-- by Jason on 2017-09-05

If the Prez wants to protect crooks criminals and swindlers, the EU should seriously reconsider the granting GSP+ to Sri Lanka and funding a rogue state. It seems this Prez is in league with the former Prez Mahinda Rajapaksha . There is simply no accountability for anything in the country.
-- by Sarath on 2017-09-05

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