Dealdasa is not only a wheeler dealer but also a ruthless accomplice in a murder !

(Lanka-e-News - 30.Aug.2017. 11.55PM)   A number of unlawful activities of Wijedasa alias Dealdasa while he was a minister had now surfaced after he  was sacked from the ministry  of justice and Buddha sasana portfolios . Among those crimes is his involvement in the death of an innocent individual in  a vehicle accident. Wijedasa  by his intervention and using his influence  had suppressed that murder. Lanka e news inside information division is in receipt of all details in this connection .

The accident was  caused by Harsha Sirisena the coordinating secretary to Wijedasa when the latter  was the minister of justice during the period prior to the parliamentary elections . Harsha being  the intermediary in all the illicit deals  and secretive financial transactions, Wijedasa resorted took all the foul and illegal  measures to save Harsha .
On the day of the accident , Harsha had unlawfully  taken a super luxury car KP 2024 belonging to the justice ministry , and himself driven the car along with a  ‘cutie’  to Kandy to make his spills  in the hills . Unbelievably, Harsha at that time did not have even a driving license. Unfortunately , Harsha’s  eagerness  for thrills and spills   in the hills outran his sureness . Harsha and his  ‘cutie’  have  also  consumed  liquor on the way. 

At Kegalle when trying to overtake a Tipper, Harsha had run over an innocent pedestrian who was on the pedestrian crossing. The victim died instantaneously and  the vehicle stopped only after knocking against a tree , as a  result the ministry vehicle was severely  damaged.

Wijedasa who is an expert in villainies , treacheries , rackets, betrayals and   more cunning than a wolf knew if this fatal accident receives publicity  it will be detrimental to him and all around him . Hence he   immediately spoke to a Kegalle police higher up and dispatched his own official security personnel Athula Moneragala  an SI to the scene of the accident ( rather  murder) caused by his henchman, in order  to dress the scene to look as though the individual who caused the accident was Athula and not Harsha.
The entire murder scene was camouflaged  by  Wijedasa according to his whims and fancies on his instructions and plans . Though compensation was promised to the victim’s family , nothing had been paid until today. 

It is noteworthy when a  vehicle belonging to the government is  used for an illicit purpose  and driven by a government servant on the sly sans a driving license under the influence of liquor meets with an accident in which a pedestrian on the pedestrian crossing was killed , it is  tantamount to murder . Besides , the damaged government vehicle should be  repaired at the expense of the individual who was responsible for the accident , whereas in this instance the cost of repair was met by the State .This was  daylight robbery of public funds !

This fatal accident which claimed the life of an innocent individual was kept hidden hitherto by Wijedasa using his ministerial powers, but now it has come to light . Even the case in Kegalle court  is moving at snail’s pace , and not over yet.

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This is blue murder this fellow Woijedsa Rajapaksa must be brought to Justice,this paraya must now face court and face actual Justice this so called Wijedsa Rajapaksa a notorious Sinhala buddhist must now face the music this bastard must now come to the open and must be produced in court this filthy bastrad must be put in Jail until such time ,para jada paraya
-- by sarath on 2017-08-31

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