IGP who is to resign imposes two conditions ; 2 contenders for the post.

(Lanka-e-News - 29.Aug.2017, 8.15 PM)  IGP Poojitha Jayasundara  alias ‘Cruel Poojitha’ who is facing charges of inflicting torture on a low rung police employee and therefore liable under the penal code has agreed  to resign his post subject to certain conditions , based on information made available by unofficial sources. 

Following the exposure by Lanka e news of IGP’s assault via the video footage , the prime minister (P.M.)  had summoned the IGP and  requested him to resign  so as not to tarnish the image of the Police force and his own . The IGP in response had said , in that event  he shall be permitted to enter politics by allocating an electorate or be given  a foreign envoy post  . However the P.M. has not agreed with those requests , and advised him to resign first before his requests can be  considered. 

Poojitha had then said , since all preparations have been made to celebrate the Police day in his village on the 26 th , to allow him to be in the post until the police day celebrations  are concluded. The P.M. had acceded to that request.

Now that the police day celebration is over , what remains  is the resignation of Poojitha as agreed. 

Meanwhile there are two contenders for the post of IGP . Based on the date of joining the Police force , it is senior DIG Latheef the STF commandant who is at the top in seniority. Yet because he discharged his duties without fear or favor  and  with rectitude and integrity , the previous corrupt regime  did not grant him the promotions when they were due , and placed obstacles, other officers are now above him in seniority . The most senior among them is senior DIG S.M. Wickremesinghe. 

( In the photograph is SL’s eccentric IGP Poojitha performing one of his (koloma)  ‘mad antics’ which is his favorite pastime ,when he was abroad)

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Well done enews for exposing the Igonorant Goon of a Police! Let him be the ambassador to Cayman Islands or Vanuatu which are two nice places to meditate and then let's see what happens if he assaults a lifeguard or surf instructor in that country.This Ignorant Goon of a Police has gone below the level of an idle-minded beach boy, a pervert i.e. a man who has perverted the law, a coolie full of excreta and a devious sociopath all put together.
-- by P.U.S. Sumanadasa on 2017-08-30

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