JVP and Joint opposition Highway robbers secretly plot to bring no confidence motion against Rajitha !

-Parliament is now a pavement for these pickpockets

(Lanka-e-News -26.Aug.2017, 2.50PM)  The joint opposition shameless hoodlums best known for making the parliament the August assembly a bedlam in the recent past are now desperately  making another dastardly move to make  the parliament a pavement for their pickpocketing   by trying to bring a  no confidence motion signed by 39 notorious pickpockets against health minister Dr. Rajitha Senaratne. This motion was handed over to the speaker of Parliament .

What is most ludicrous and ridiculous about this attempt  is, among these  joint opposition pickpockets  and hoodlums are also those who were responsible to make the  parliament a scene of bedlam recently and behaved in a most rowdy manner – those who rang the quorum bell ; sat in the chair reserved for the president ; and wrested the mace most barbarically .

Ironically , these are the scoundrels who have  jointly decided to table a no confidence motion against Rajitha on the grounds that the latter’s conduct within parliament is improper. This move is in fact a sequel to  an argument that raged between Rajitha and JVP leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake in parliament.

On the 23 rd chief opposition  whip Anura Dissanayake accused that hospitals have no medicines , and two prescriptions are issued to patients. Rajitha responding challenged him to prove it , and said that  he would ask from that hospital director whether it  is so. Thereafter a heated argument  ensued between them with Anura insulting Rajitha by calling him   ‘Tommiya’  and ‘beggar’

Another allegation mounted by Anura Dissanayake was : After Rajitha became minister of health, pharmacies and labs are being run  in front of hospitals. But the actual position is  , the pharmacy  - the  Union chemists  at Town hall roundabout near the General hospital had been in existence since the time of the British rule.

Anura also alleged that Rajitha collected Rs. 10 million from president’s fund and went to Singapore for his heart surgery. Bankrupt heartless politico like Anura Dissanayake  who was responsible for the killing of thousands of innocent citizens like mice  ,and even until today has not asked for forgiveness ,making such statements is not a matter for surprise. His inborn killer and animal instincts have apparently  expunged  his human feelings so much so that he does not know the value of human life.  No wonder he cannot understand Rajitha was granted those funds to save his life. 

No matter what , the joint opposition crooks today getting signatures for a no confidence motion against Rajitha is  because of the unofficial sly and sinister relationship  the JVP has with them . During the agitations staged against SAITM too the JVP got together with them shamelessly and  meaninglessly.

Anura Kumara’s rowdy  conduct on the 23 rd was also due to the fact that it is Rajitha who figured powerfully and prominently to quash the anti SAITM protests staged along with harebrained JVP’s  participation.

Anura has a long standing grudge against Rajitha because when Anura and his armed murderers were on a killing spree in the past , Rajitha was then with the Mahajana party leader Vijaya Kumaratunge and other leaders including Devabandara Senaratne . When Anura and his  killers ruthlessly murdered them in  cold blood one by one , it was only the leader  Rajitha who could not be murdered by them. It is this disappointment which is still kindling the innate animal instinct of Anura.

During the JVP’s killing spree period  it was Dinesh Gunawardena , Mahinda Rajapakse , Dallas Alahaperuma of the present joint opposition who extended support to Anura’s murderous politics  and his criminal  gang . Needless to mention Wimal Weerawansa alias Modawansa alias passport horaa- wansa   was always with the murderers .

In the circumstances it is very evident it is the same putrid alliance which  escaped putrefaction is today again engaging in villainies and traitorous activities  to the detriment of the country . The no confidence motion that is being brought forth by these bankrupt politicians only  bears ample testimony  to that.

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Why didn't Anura ask the Minister of Health to take action against Dr. Padeniya a government doctor practicing medicine in private hospital whilst the strike he initiated was going on ?? Two tongued JVP are parasites who will ruin the nation.
-- by Ruwan on 2017-08-26

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