Harebrained bankrupt politicos fall at feet of Kali amma's ‘Gnanamma’, whereas she falls at feet of Ranjan…

(Lanka-e-News -26.Aug.2017, 2.40PM) In the past, the astrologer by the name of Sumanadasa of the corrupt nefarious decade rulers led the latter down the garden path. Today, it is ‘Gnana’ a retired hospital attendant who identifies herself using  the name of  ‘Anuradhapura mother’ who is duping the bankrupt politicos by predicting they have the ‘luck of Kings’ only to court the worst disasters for these two legged buffoons.
This astrologer was an attendant at Anuradhapura hospital and she had been an astrologer to president Maithripala when he was the minister of health. After she managed to lure Maithripala with her predictions , Maithripala in his characteristic style gave the maximum promotion that can be granted to  an attendant and made her a telephone operator.
After Maithripala became the president , this  astrologer suddenly circulated  a strange  story. She spread the story that  Maithri once met her and asked , ‘whether he would become the prime minister? and that she replied   ‘  Why second place You will secure the first place . Only be patient.’ 

Crafty Gnana who knew nobody will ask for a confirmation from the president in relation to her tale propagated the story and  enticed the other moronic and power greedy politicos who met her .

Interestingly , after Maithripala became the president , her demand grew phenomenally. Among those who sought her services were Shiranthi Rajapakse, Gotabaya Rajapakse and his spouse , Gammanpila and  Bandula Gunawardena who were  her favorite customers. These are only a few of her known customers though she has many others like them not known to us .  Wijedasa who lost both his portfolios recently , and his wife are also her pet customers. 
As her bankrupt politicos who  visit her are clever at  cheating  the masses who elected them to power and earning illicitly  , so was  Gnana the astrologer who cheated her customers via her own vocation . She had an infinite capacity to cunningly  lure her customers and amassing wealth. She owns several storied mansions in Colombo.  One such mansion was bought for her by Wijedasa Rajapakse.

When she comes to Colombo , it is Wijedasa who looks after all her comforts including transport in a  Benz car. She led a luxurious life so much so when  she falls sick, she takes treatment at Elizabeth hospital in Singapore. Those medical bills are met by Wijedasa or another bankrupt politico. 
Cutthroat turncoat Wijedasa who is by now best  noted for readily  selling his soul to the devil , finally tripped and fell into Gnana’s hellhole by trusting  in her predictions. 

Last 18th Friday , Wijedasa who was the target of bitter criticism and faced severe flak at   the UNP Executive and parliamentary group meeting , was to be stripped only of the justice ministry and not both portfolios meaning that  Wijedasa had an opportunity to resign the justice ministry portfolio only , ask for a pardon from the party  , and continue as an ordinary minister. 

It was very unfortunate instead of that course of action he relied on the advice of Gnana. Her advice was , ‘you have the luck of Kings . Therefore you continue with what you are carrying on now.’ This is a stock  advice of hers to everyone. Yet  Wijedasa the moron  instead of rectifying his glaring wrongs,   by reposing  his faith in the wrong people (Gnana)  met his waterloo finally – lost both portfolios .
What is most irksome and worrisome about these mythical beliefs  is ,  when most crucial and vital decisions are taken by politicians in SL what has influenced them  are not the economic  , political and historical background or most important national interests but the advice of fake cunning  astrologers and their stupid predictions.
It is a pity , deposed Mahinda Rajapakse during his reign ,  in addition to opening  the floodgate to corruption and frauds, also inaugurated   avenues  leading to such fake and crafty  astrologers. Now the bankrupt politicos are also  foolishly either taking his corrupt route or his astrology route  both of which are a bane to the country.

It is most unfortunate that followers of Buddhism supposed to be  a specialized religion , are foolishly taking these routes to self destruction. The best and latest illustration is  Wijedasa Rajapakse the political villain and infamous betrayer. An advice proffered by Gnana  to harebrained Wijedasa once was , in order to eliminate a hoodoo that was supposedly plaguing  him , a dhana  (almsgiving )shall be given to 100 beggars. 

In accordance with this instruction Wijedasa and his wife went to Narahenpita national pola late night and bought the provisions to prepare the meals at home for the almsgiving. Of course being miserly  they never forgot to bargain and argue to get those provisions at the cheapest possible  rates . Because the almsgiving was to beggars, to  Wijedasas who would even dupe the  deities  , cheating the beggars was most simple . They only included a dhal curry and fried onions in the meal packets. Next Wijedasa went to the vicinity of Kelani Vihara to distribute the parcels. To Wijedasa’s dismay , one beggar opened the meal packet in front of Wijedasa. The beggar who was infuriated  immediately exclaimed , ‘aney mahthaya I don’t need this. We get better meal packets’ 

These unconscionable Wijedasas who earn in millions defrauding  public funds  , waste millions on fake astrologers , and who are always selfishly  thinking which five star hotel they must visit to gourmandize ,have no qualms about saving every cent of  their expenditure even when giving dhana to the poor.

Raja yoga (luck of Kings) and pada roga (disease of flatulence) 

Gnana’s Raja yoga prediction   is so strong that it is often  wrong. Even to Gammanpila another notorious fraud  , she said he has Raja yoga . In fact Gammanpila during the run up to the last presidential elections came forward to support the common candidate but suddenly did a U turn and supported Mahinda Rajapakse. That was based on Gnana’s Raja yoga prediction. Unfortunately this Raja Yoga obsession of  Gammanpila infected him with pada roga (endless flatulence ) . Perhaps this was also a  reason for    Gammanpila’s wife to go out  of the country . She left for Australia  to take residence there  following  conflicts escalating   within Gammanpila’s  house. Gammanpila must thank Gnana and Raja yoga because his wife deserted him leaving him to enjoy and be free. Now he has only  pada roga ( endless flatulence) to keep company with him.

As 10 politicos including Mangala and Rajitha may become  a threat to the so called ‘Raja yoga’ of turncoat cutthroat Wijedasa , the latter got down powerful Kattadiyas (Sorcerors) from India and kept them secretly in his house to perform a fierce  vicious charm against them. Thanks to Gnana because she was at the bottom of all these witchcrafts. Crafty Gnana of course earned a huge amount of cash from these as usual. Yet the ten politicos against whom this vicious charm was performed were not affected . They  are happy, hale and hearty. It is only poor  Wijedasa who engaged in sorcery  finally lost both portfolios.

The cunning Gnana claims that she is making astrological predictions based on deity Kaliamma’s  powers. It is a sorry spectacle to see these bankrupt and corrupt politicos falling at the feet of cunning ‘Gnanamma’ who in turn  falls at the feet of Kaliamma. But on the 23 rd Gnanamma had to fall at the feet of Ranjan Ramanayake . This was because of the video footage Ranjan released on the 22 nd.

In the video he had revealed how the foolhardy  bankrupt politicos swallowed the Raja yoga  ‘pill’ of Gnana and plunged themselves into doom and gloom.  Gnana and her team who addressed  Ranjan had said,’ aney Ranjan mahathayo , please do not tell again about us. What you disclose are heard by many in this country. When that happens , we will lose our customers.’ Gnanamma of Kaliamma  has begged and fallen at his feet . She had implored , if Ranjan wishes he could get a free sastra reading from her and a pooja can be performed on his behalf. Anyway , it is surprising Ranjan did not get close to wealthy Gnana and her Kaliamma  citing flimsy excuses to examine her foretelling areas.  He is a Christian  and does not believe in astrology and sorcery .

Ranjan has then inquired from his uncle Prof Carlo Fonseka about Kaliamma on 23 rd morning when Carlo had given an interesting and intriguing reply… 

‘During the days when I was young , I drank liquor, ate pork and walked on fire in front of the Kataragama god and challenged him . Now I am 80 years old. Kataragama god until today had failed to punish or torment me.  Therefore you fearlessly continue with your activities directed against these myths and bogus predictions.’ 

Today, embattled ,harebrained bankrupt politico  Wijedasa is the latest victim like the people discarded and disdained Rajapakses to enter their list of bankrupt and beleaguered politicians who plunged themselves into doom and gloom by going behind astrologers and sorcerers who are as crooked and cunning as are these corrupt politicians .

It is most unfortunate despite being senior politicians they have yet to realize problems should be  solved only by honestly addressing the issues and getting into grips with those , and not by  trailing behind crafty crooked astrologers and sorcerers. 
It will not be wrong if good governance like how it is seeking to promote reconciliation ,  if it takes steps to  include in its national agenda a methodology to rescue the nation  from myths , sorcery and astrology. 

-Mr. Mouse- 

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