UNP’s ‘Radical tide’ rises above P.M. and towards president ..

-Gazette notification on 23 rd regarding stripping Dealdasa of both portfolios !

(Lanka-e-News - 23.Aug.2017, 5.40PM)  The ‘UNP Radical Tide ’ just within two weeks of its launch has forged ahead in its campaign against the actually  corrupt and the true conspirators .

Following the voluntary  resignation of Ravi Karunanayake from his ministerial portfolio even before he was found guilty by the presidential commission , simply  based on some evidence given before the commission against him ,it is now learnt the ‘Radical Tide’ has gone past the prime minister and reached the president after expelling  the crooked, corrupt, double dealing ,double crossing scoundrel Wijedasa Rajapakse the notorious Trojan horse within the government,  from his double ministerial posts  , based on reports reaching Lanka e news. 

The ‘UNP Radical Tide ’ team of MPs is to  meet with the president today (23)  

Though Maithripala is the leader of another political  party , he was in fact steered to victory by the Radical Tide team  that made  supreme sacrifices towards that. The request of the Radical Tide  to the president  is therefore most  simple: Their  justifiable and reasonable request is, ‘ we have cleaned up our side of the good governance government. It is now your turn to clean up your side.’ Theirs  is of course a most reasonable and sensible request in the best interests of the country made to a president, who is  the highest in the hierarchy of much hyped good governance government.

In the final round of discussions ,the decision to expel Wijedasa from both portfolios was taken not because he delayed the filing of cases against the corrupt and criminal Rajapakses but for not abiding by the collective decisions taken by the  government while  disregarding such decisions and unconscionably instigating and inciting the public to disrupt the activities of the government to  latter’s  detriment and the country as a whole. 

When the Radical Tide  expressed  its opposition  last Friday against the delay in hearing cases , it was announced Wijedasa alias Dealdasa will be stripped of his justice ministry portfolio. But what most despised double crossing imbecile Wijedasa did  when that was proposed was,  getting the empty headed baldy hairless buddies  around him after bribing them and criticizing  the policies of the government during the last weekend. It was only thereafter the final decision was taken to give him the sack from both ministries. 

It has also  been decided to request the president not to suppress the charges against the corrupt and the crooks within the Maithri group , and to conduct investigations duly. It is best if  Radical Tide group reminds the president that the  good governance began with remanding a UNP M.P. Thevaraperuma .

This is why the Radical Tide  is making its latest request to president Maithripala . It is an indisputable fact that  a majority of villains and wolves in human clothing who don’t follow the government policies and irresponsibly criticize are  within the fond fold of Maithripala . The Radical Tide  is therefore to make its request to the president on the 23 rd to take action against Dilans and Susils of the SLFP and teach them a lesson taking the cue from the UNP which has by now proved beyond doubt  it is acting in the best interests of the country putting country before party by purging the party of the corrupt. 

The ‘Radical Tide ’ has decided that when they meet Maithripala on the 23 rd  who was made the president of the country through their commitment and sacrifices,  to urge him to do everything to inspire the pro good governance masses and buoy their spirits by taking such bold measures like how UNP took against corrupt double faced Wijedasa alias Dealdasa .

No matter what  the rising  Radical tide within  the UNP is going to be a force to be reckoned with ,and  intensifying its pressures   on  the president. It is perhaps owing to  that , even at the time of writing this article , the president is having discussions with the SLFP parliamentary group .

Meanwhile it is learnt the president has yesterday signed the special gazette notification which declares that Wijedasa Rajapakse has been removed from his ministerial portfolios . The gazette notification will be released on the 23 rd. 
The UNP has decided that the vacancies created by the expulsion of Wijedasa are to be filled by two individuals.  So far , it is not officially known who are the aspirants for the two ministries. However Lanka e news learns the justice ministry is to be allocated to Talatha Atukorale and Buddha sasana ministry to Ravi Samaraweera. Though Dr. Jayampathy Wickremeratne is considered as more suitable , he is not a member of the UNP, and it  is  the view that a member of the UNP shall be appointed .

In any event the ministry Thalatha is in charge of currently was earlier held by Dilan Perera , an ace confirmed rogue of the Rajapakse Blue brigand. Sadly Thalatha did nothing to probe into the frauds and rackets which raged under her predecessor . She did not even take the trouble in the national interest  to conduct an investigation at Establishment  level and punish them. 

However that lapse  does not characterize Thalatha alone. Being a consensual government that lapse exists  among many of the other ministries  too. For instance after Mangala Samaraweera became the foreign minister , no probe was conducted into the import of two luxury buses  for the jolly rides and wasteful  jaunts of Rajapakse’s sons and their cronies at public expense despite that fraud being caught red handed .Those officers who were responsible for those rackets were not even punished  at Establishment level.Today,  nobody knows what happened to those super luxury buses .
In the circumstances ,we cannot presume that Thalatha after becoming the justice minister would expedite the legal processes to punish the crooks. But  of course we can say for sure  , before Thalatha gives  priority to punishing the crooks , the rising unstoppable  Radical Tide is certainly going to forge ahead  and achieve its  cherished goals exceeding expectations for the benefit of the entire country. 

By a special reporter

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Wishing the best of luck and good wishes to the UNP Radical Tide. May you be successful and make Sri Lanka a better country to live in and reduce the burden on the masses by reducing the taxation. If all the scroundels are brought to book and the illegal money is pumped to the government reserves, the masses need not be taxed. May the UNP RADICAL TIDE make sure that honest and loyal ministers hold office. Good Luck. Thank you LEN for publishing all the news that the other newspapers and journalists dare not publish.
-- by azad on 2017-08-23

WEC ARE VERY HAPPY THAT JUSTICE HAS BEEN DONE BY KICKING OUT THE FILTHY AND CURRUPT PIG NOSE wIJEDSA Rajapaksa from the justice ministry he ruined this ministry,now keep an eye in the with the other Moron Sagala Rahtnayake,he does not have a back bone he will even eat shit to serwive this fellow leaks info to Mahendra on the sly,watch him ,it is better to get this Moron out as well
-- by mahela on 2017-08-24

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