Wijedasa ousted from both portfolios ! Already decided by P.M. – official letter to president tomorrow(22) morning

(Lanka-e-News- 21.Aug.2017, 11.30PM) Minister of justice  and Buddha sasana Wijedasa Rajapakse alias  Dealdasa who despite incurring the deep resentment    and  opposition of the UNP working committee and  UNP parliamentary group owing to his open betrayals of the government , but  yet went even further to publicly display that he is an arch enemy of the government of good governance  instead of rectifying his egregious wrongs, was  just a few minutes ago based on a decision taken by the prime minister,  divested of both his ministerial portfolios .  It is with great joy we report this long awaited and much  longed for news to the pro good governance masses. Indeed the expulsion of this infamous cutthroat turncoat has received the support  of the president. 

The official letter of the prime minister  to the president with the request Wijedasa shall be divested of both ministerial portfolios is to   be sent to the president tomorrow morning. Accordingly , before the parliament meets tomorrow(22) by 1.00 p.m Wijedasa would have been removed from  the ministerial post. 

So far it has not been decided for sure who shall replace Wijedasa , though it is the wish of many that the justice ministry shall be allocated to Dr. Jayampathy Wickremeratne .

Wijedasa owing to his own mischief , villainy ,cut - throat activities, and by  biting the hand that fed him finally carved a short cut to his  own disaster.  His fate is now writ large on the wall.

Ranil Wickremesinghe P.M., at the UNP parliamentary group meeting this afternoon revealed he will be meeting with the president tonight to take a decision in regard to Wijedasa as the time granted to the latter  to ask for a pardon or to  tender his resignation ends  today , and  because  he has started the mudslinging now even more vigorously against the party  leaders . 

The UNP parliamentary group meeting convened this evening lasted only 20 minutes , and Wijedasa did not participate in it.  When the people’s representatives Ajith P. Perera , Ranjan Ramanayake , Harin Fernando and Marikkar inquired from P.M. what is the action that is going to be taken against Wijedasa , the P.M. gave the reply mentioned in  the aforementioned paragraph.

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