President against Wijedasa but latter will not resign honorably until given the sack ! -sterner action if he doesn’t resign !

(Lanka-e-News- 21.Aug.2017, 10.00AM)  Even if the UNP working committee , the UNP parliamentary group and the entire UNP opposes him  , he  is not prepared to resign his ministerial portfolio , Wijedasa Rajapakse has informed the UNP leadership.

Wijedasa who revealed he would  resign after making a special statement in parliament on Monday (21) , has changed his mind on the advice of his true mentor cum destroyer the  Medamulana Rajapakses , and therefore  decided not to resign. The  instruction of Medamulana Rajapakses to Wijedasa  is  not to resign , and stay put  in the government as long as possible in order to sabotage and impede the activities of the government (in fact , that was what Wijedasa did all along while being in the government  through his snake under the grass policies and shameless betrayals ).

According to the latest development , the UNP leadership is taking steps to dismiss him from the ministry of justice post while permitting   him to retain the Buddha sasana affairs ministry . But because Wijedasa has been making statements criticizing the UNP leadership  and its policies ,  it was decided by the leadership that Wijedasa shall ask for pardon from the party . If he doesn’t , the leadership is to take sterner and stronger action against him , it is learnt. 

In any event  the president Maithripala Sirisena is averse to having him as the minister of Buddha sasana , it is reported . He had told his close associates that Wijedasa while being the Buddha sasana minister had been  inciting  and inflaming  the Buddhist clergy against the government . Hence if he is to continue , ‘we will not be able to run the government’

Last Saturday Wijedasa making a statement while criticizing the UNP leadership extolled the president , yet the latter hasn’t  shown any desire any time to have Wijedasa as a minister .At the cabinet meeting during amendment stage the president  advised the prime minister (P.M.) that Wijedasa shall be dismissed from the ministerial posts. The  P.M. had told, ‘ we shall do that  later’ 

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