IGP who bullyrags his subordinates and cringes to Rajapakse criminals incurs the displeasure of the staff

(Lanka-e-News - 20.Aug.2017, 11.55PM) IGP Poojitha Jayasundara (Police Koloma) who is rightly  dubbed Imbecile General of police because of his eccentricity and rowdy behavior  assaulting and insulting his innocent subordinates while himself wearing the police uniform , shamelessly slunk  and hid himself like a pavement stray  dog that has robbed something in public  when the Medamulana Rajapakse marauders , hooligans and murderers wreaked havoc and shouted threateningly , ‘ado  beware , see what we will do to you when our government comes to power’ while  surrounding his own police department .This disgraceful and shameless conduct of the IGP incurred the bitter displeasure of all law abiding officers of the police force. 

This incident occurred when two Rajapakses ( the name  now best noted for their worst crimes) were recently  summoned to the police – Shiranthi Rajapakse to the CID and Rohitha Rajapakse to the  FCID  and interrogated. The Rajapakse goons and goofs brought in bus loads virtually laid siege to the police department and obstructed the investigating officers in the execution of their duties.  

The worst criminal drama was enacted when Namal Rajapakse M.P. (another Rajapakse sibling against whom too are   criminal cases pending in courts) who arrived with  his team  of hooligans began shouting and screaming ‘ Ado Bado, see what we will do to you when our government is installed in power’ thereby threatening  SI Shantha Bandara ,the officer of the FCID who was interrogating Rohitha Rajapakse (yet another Rajapakse criminal sibling).  Incidentally ,Shantha Bandara was the same officer who interrogated Namal Rajapakse  the  notorious synthetic lawyer too over his criminal activities  on an earlier date .It is IP Shantha Bandara who is investigating the colossal Rs. 700 million fraud in which Namal is the prime suspect. This sum was paid to Namal by Krrish Co. India   for development of Rugby  sport . 

Even when Shiranthi Rajapakse of the notorious corrupt Rajapakse family was summoned to the CID and was being questioned , a gang of goons and hooligans were brought in bus loads and the police was surrounded . They were shouting most violently and  comparing Shiranthi the infamous culprit with famous Vihara Maha Devi ( when in fact the contrast between the two should have been highlighted )  thereby obstructing the police officers from performing their legitimate duties. 

There had been two occasions previously when the police were surrounded by the public . On both occasions it was because the unarmed suspects arrested by  the police died while in police custody .The police officers responsible were duly arrested and punished . In fact some officers were even sentenced to death !

Otherwise than those  two occasions , if gangs and goons  are  brought to surround the police station where  a suspect or witness  is summoned to record a statement , and if the crowd that has gathered had  behaved in an unruly manner it is tantamount to obstructing the performance of duties of the police officers and inciting the public to violence . This is a very serious offence. In every such instance the cronies and goons of the unruly crowd  were  taken into custody and punished after producing them  in courts .However , shockingly  when the goons and gangs of Rajapakses surrounded the police and created mayhem that law was not enforced.  It is therefore being widely and justifiably questioned whether double standards are being practiced when it comes to law enforcement in Sri Lanka ?

Though Namal Rajapakse could have been arrested even as he threatened the police in the recent rowdy unlawful  behavior of his  , unfortunately because there was no such order given by the IGP , the victims , mind you the police officers had to seek court intervention to redress  their woes. 

The FCID submitting a report to the courts on the 18 th stated , Namal Rajapakse by abusing and threatening  the police investigator IP Shantha Lalith  ? committed an offence  , and therefore requested court to issue summons on  him.  The Colombo additional magistrate Chandana Kalansuriya  however gave an intriguing answer in response  : He said ,  a court order is not necessary , and if Namal had committed a grave wrong  the police have powers to arrest him.

By this enunciation of the judge it is very evident the IGP has not been  giving orders duly to the officers to enforce the law against Rajapakses .The police officers fearing that they would incur the displeasure  of the IGP  are forced to seek redress through courts – the only option they have when the IGP’s assistance  is not there for them .
It is worthy of note , in the history of the police force never had there been an IGP who degraded and insulted  the police rank and file to this extent . This IGP who is therefore rightly  dubbed  Imbecile General of police and best known for his eccentricities and gross  incompetence , became even more notorious when he threatened  the woman police officer at the inquiries counter in foul language , ‘ Beware ! I shall f….k (kelinawa) you too,’ he screamed.   Not enough ,he assaulted the lift operator too.  Owing to his sex starvation and  dementia  the subordinates are now infuriated , de-motivated and frustrated.  

Conducting raids to apprehend rogues and murderers is a very grave police operation. If the ruling government is to  permit  room to the powerful culprits and political bigwigs to flaunt their powers and challenge the law enforcement officers when executing their duties ,  it no longer deserves the name  ‘good governance’  - better it changes that to  ‘no governance’ .

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