Nilantha Ilangmuwa’s malicious campaign against AHRC

(Lanka-e-News - 19.Aug.2017, 12.30PM)  Some of you would have received several emails from a blog named Sri Lanka Guardian, in the recent weeks. All these emails come from Mr. Nilantha Ilangamuwa, who lost recently his employment at the Asian Legal Resource Centre (ALRC). Ever since, Ilangamuwa has been sending these emails. At the beginning, he was trying to pressurise the ALRC to retain his job. When he failed, he has started making a series of false and imaginary allegations against his former employer.

The Board of Directors after having carefully studied this issue has advised that all these allegations amount to a series of criminal acts published by Ilangamuwa, and further that these statements are defamatory. The Board has advised to proceed to take legal action against Ilangamuwa and his collaborators.

Two complaints have been made with the Hong Kong Police on behalf of the AHRC, on the following possible criminal offenses committed by those who are engaged in publishing malicious materials against the AHRC. These offenses include: (1) access to computer with dishonest intent; (2) attempted fraud to cause the ALRC financial loss; (3) data destruction and theft. After the preliminary enquiry into the two complaints, the Hong Kong Police has informed us that the complaints are being investigated.

Once the police complaint was filed, one of the collaborators of Ilangamuwa wrote to the AHRC, apologising for what he has written. Meanwhile we have been informed, that Ilangamuwa having been informed about the police complaint against him and his collaborator, has fled from Hong Kong on 14 August 2017.

Ilangamuwa sought the assistance of the AHRC a few years ago, claiming that he is under threat from the then Sri Lankan government, because he was working as a journalist in Sri Lanka. As a matter of protection to a person who was alleging to be persecuted, the AHRC assisted Ilangamuwa for a considerable time.

Ilangamuwa’s recent emails are a retaliation against his loss of job, and is motivated purely by revenge for the lost of his job. Ilangamuwa writes as “editor, a special correspondent, informed source etc.”, and also in the name of various imaginary entities he has created. The purpose of assuming these multiple roles is to disclaim responsibility for what he writes, since Ilangamuwa is fully aware that all allegations that have been made are fabricated, false, and imaginary and that this amounts to commission of crimes.

We are also on receipt of the copies of communications that Ilangamuwa has sent to the donors where Ilangamuwa has made allegations with the view to deprive AHRC donor support. All these have been replied to.

We regret to inform you about all these matters. However, since such a malicious campaign can have adverse impact upon those who have no understanding about the actual situation we are issuing this statement. If you hear any further about the malicious campaign against the AHRC, you could always contact us for clarification.

-A Statement by the Asian Human Rights Commission

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