Shiranthi suddenly contracts amnesia within CID ! - Nefarious decade idlers and saboteurs stage pavement drama (video)

(Lanka-e-News - 16.Aug.2017, 11.45PM)  Can you beat that? Shiranthi Wickremesinghe Rajapakse the wife of Percy Mahendra Rajapakse (who poses and   parades as the greatest savior ever  of the Sinhala Buddhists  and as the one and only who champions their cause ) told the CID yesterday (15)  that she does not know to  read Sinhala !

Shiranthi made this shocking revelation when she was summoned to the CID headquarters on the 15 th to record her statement as a suspect in connection with the abduction and brutal murder of popular Rugby player Wasim Thajudeen which was camouflaged to look  a vehicle accident. Investigations had revealed  It was the defender vehicle belonging  to Shiranthi which  was used at that time by the criminals. 

After recording her statement for several hours , when she was told to sign the document  , Shiranthi the wife of Medamulana Rajapakse , the self proclaimed  hero who  parades (rather masquerades) as the savior of Sinhala Buddhists told the CID she needed her lawyer’s assistance to read  because she does not know Sinhala. 

At the beginning of investigations , when Mahinda Rajapakse inquired  whether he or her lawyers can be close by , the CID refused to grant that concession ( CID does not permit any outsider  to be close by when interrogating a suspect) . In any case , after Shiranthi said she cannot read Sinhalese ,the CID  allowed her lawyer Jayantha Weerasinghe (lawyer for Rajapakses) who was outside to come in and assist her while also warning  the lawyer that he should not make any changes to the recorded statement.

It is noteworthy   Shiranthi gave the answers in Sinhalese to the questions asked in the same language though she said she cannot read Sinhala.. As her statements and the questions asked by the CID, and nothing else have been tape recorded, neither she nor her lawyer  can be permitted to make any changes, the CID told them . Finally her lawyer after reading the statement instructed her to sign same. 

Shiranthi born in Badulla attended  a Sinhala  Montessori in Badulla . After coming to  Colombo she  studied at  the Holy Family convent , Colombo and followed her  classes in both Sinhalese and English languages . Though how  Shiranthi suddenly and mysteriously developed amnesia (the mental sickness of forgetfulness) while within the CID (forgetting the Sinhalese language) is yet  unknown , her suddenly getting cured of it and signing her statement is now well known. 
The joint opposition and its  goons, goofs ,slaves, idlers and saboteurs that  always interpret everything wrong and as a political ‘project’ viewed  the summoning of Shiranthi Rajapakse to the CID over her criminal involvements as an opportunity to score political plus points .They came in  bus loads to stage a pavement drama in front of the CID thereby reviving the past memories of violence of their own nefarious corrupt decade during which period people were attacked ruthlessly  and brutally  unlike now.  The cheap pavement drama of the Joint opposition idlers and hooligans captured by the TV cameras is hereunder 

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