Major Bulathwatte the choice of Gota to attack journalists to be re appointed to intelligence division?

(Lanka-e-New - 15.Aug.2017, 11.45PM)  In the incident in which ‘The Nation’ newspaper former editor Keith Noyahr was abducted and  subjected to cruelty , brutality   and assault , since  the victim could not be present at the identification parade , the suspect army Major Prabath Seevali Bandaranaike Dissanayake Bulathwatte was enlarged on bail.  Not enough the criminal being released on bail , he is also  going to be appointed again  to a high ranking post of the army’s intelligence division located at Ambalangoda based on reports reaching  Lanka e news . 

This suspect was not only involved in the Keith Noyahr criminal assault and cruelty case but also against whom there are   charges of assault committed on two more journalists when he  was in charge of the illegal  para military operations in Colombo that was launched by Gotabaya then  for the purpose of  attacking and killing  journalists.

It is obvious if officers like major Bulathwatte who acted in violation of the laws are taken back to the army’s intelligence division , that can  only  mean more disaster for the country and the forces because he has other criminal  charges in addition to these crimes afore-stated………

The Military police had to take  action then against this major for unlawfully employing the army ‘s soldiers to build his house at Kandy.  He was  also   involved in an illicit sexual affair with a female  army  lieutenant Chamila    .  Besides , he was  caught when he was carrying on an illicit sexual relationship with the wife of one of his batch mates. He was also caught red handed when using the army vehicles unlawfully for his private  purposes. 

Though Bulathwatte was involved in a spate of criminal activities, but  because he enjoyed the patronage of equally or more criminal bosses  Gotabaya and Hendavitharne at that time , he was saved and safeguarded.

Hence , if the present government is to provide opportunities again by re appointing him to a high ranking post in the army’s intelligence division , it will be tantamount to the government slitting its own throat.

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