Is this IGP alias Imbecile General of Police worthy of his position ? Historic video footage exposes ….

(Lanka-e-News - 14.Aug.2017, 11.45PM) Believe it or not ! IGP Poojitha Jayasundara has assaulted officers of other religions at the police headquarters who transgressed the  extremist directive of his that every morning between 8.30 and 8.45 all police officers should meditate  in accordance  with  his  private program  ‘ Meditate  according to Poojitha’. The hooligan  IGP had attacked those of other religions on  2017- 04-11 

Among those who were attacked  by the Inspector General of Police (who is by now  better known as Imbecile General of Police ) acting in excessof  his official  powers  and even indulging in religious extremism  was Ludowyke , a burgher the OIC of the Narcotics Bureau. Following this attack Ludowyke who suffered from shock had to be hospitalized. Poojitha also assaulted the lift operator M.Samarakone Banda at the police headquarters (civil  employee) on that day after  seizing him by the collar for not performing  his   ’ Poojitha ‘s meditation’

The IGP also most shamelessly   threatened  a female  officer of the headquarters inquiries division who commands respect saying ‘ I shall sexually abuse you  too .’ Lanka e News earlier on reported these disgraceful shocking  incidents involving the IGP  , the highest in the hierarchy of the Sri Lanka police( Video footage ).

Though Ludowyke and Banda did not seek recourse to legal action against the hooliganism of the IGP, the respectable female officer had sought legal redress against the IGP ‘s obscene remarks. ( It is only one who is respectable would  feel ashamed and insulted that she has actually been abused  when a verbal threat is made ‘I shall abuse you’   - that is,  one who has a true  understanding of the laws and rights) . She has taken the necessary steps legally against uncouth,  uncivilized and  vulgar Poojitha.
Any civilized member of society knows when a beehive is disturbed , the bees sting indiscriminately whoever crossing their  path. But the crucial question is ,in a civilized country , who will tolerate an  IGP who behaves like a vulgar barbaric bee ,  and is on a rampage? 

At least those who watch the video hereunder should awake  to the dire dangers gripping the country with an IGP who cannot conduct himself morally and  lawfully (despite being the highest in the police hierarchy) ,or  control  his belligerence  and  vulgarity,   or his unbridled tongue . 

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Watch video footage below 

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