Dealdasa the only two legged buffalo with two doctorates ‘whip lashed’ by Rajitha ! -Lawyer Minister Dealdasa doesn’t know difference between lease and sale !

(Lanka-e-News - 10.Aug.2017, 11.30PM)  The vacuous venomous announcement made on the 09 th  by minister of justice Wijedasa alias Dealdasa the tie coat, turncoat cutthroat who is also by now well  known as the Trojan horse within the government was well and thoroughly answered by cabinet spokesman,  Minister Rajitha Senaratne. The latter gave this power punch and knocked out Dealdasa completely  when responding to queries posed by  journalists during the cabinet media briefing.

Infamous Wijedasa alias Dealdasa asserted  on the 9th , since the Hambantota port belongs to the people , selling that to a Chinese Co. is absolutely wrong , and therefore every step will be taken to get it back , and until that is handed back to the people  he would not look back.

Rajitha in his answer clarified  , the Hambantota port was not sold , and it was only given on lease, and  went on to ask , how come an individual who does not know the difference between a sale and a lease become a lawyer ? Hence without that elementary knowledge one  talking about the rest of  the agreement is most ludicrous, Rajitha  pinpointed.

In any event notorious Dealdasa via this rash  statement  violated Cabinet traditions. After all those  present took  a decision in concord during the cabinet meeting ,the minister  coming out and criticizing the decisions is to violate the cabinet norms  , Rajitha regretted . Rajitha challenged Dealdasa the slimy scoundrel  to  reverse the agreement if possible by going there. 

Rajitha recalling what Mao Tse Tung told regarding objections , said , ‘if an enemy is appreciating one’s efforts , it implies that one’s  efforts are wrongly directed. On the other hand if the enemy criticizes one’s moves , it means one’s moves are rightly directed.’ It is not known whether  Rajitha quoted this saying of  Mao Tse Tung with reference to Dealdasa who is  by  now known not only in Sri Lanka but even world wide as an enemy of the very  government he is supposed to serve, and a snake under the grass .

Dealdasa by yet another announcement made by him on the 9 th regarding the Hambantota Port confirmed beyond doubt he is not only a tie coat , turncoat , cut throat enemy of the government but also a bullock who should be kept tied to a bullock cart . He announced  ,’ after the Hambantota Port is developed , ships will not travel   400 nautical miles to arrive in Colombo Port . Consequently , the Chinese Co. will prosper and the Colombo port will transform into a swimming pool.’ 
This two legged bullock did not know that since this agreement was signed between the Chinese Co. and the SL Ports Authority, the profits will be shared by both parties. Besides he had forgotten  there are actually 400 nautical miles from   Colombo Port to Hambantota Port. The worst part is his not even knowing that the Hambantota port is already a ‘swimming pool’.  However because no questions were asked in that regard from Rajitha , he could not elaborate.

It is therefore a most pertinent question , how such a buffalo in human form who utters so  much nonsense was awarded two doctorates  and who awarded those?  Could there have been a corrupt deal ? because Wijedasa’s name is synonymous with frauds too. Such a two legged buffalo having two such dubious doctorates dreaming to become the future president of the country is indeed a joke of the century.
No matter what , it is perhaps only in Sri Lanka its people have been showered with a dark  ‘blessing’ of  a queer  president  who is seeking to rescue the government by chasing away  honorable   ministers like Ravi Karunanayake ; digging graves to bury the government ; aiding and abetting the enemies ,while safeguarding the ministry of Dealdasa  the  venomous , vicious villain  who is  flagrantly  violating cabinet traditions and norms to the detriment of the entire country . 

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First he should be investigated for all the monies he earned from Avantegarde. He has committed crimes 100 times more than Ravi and still remains in the cabinet and with government. Next how is he going to repay the Chinese government loans after he hands over the port to the people ?? Third where was he when MR committed to build a port in Hambantota and took billions of the country's wealth as commission ?? I am sure he also got a chunk of that deal . Now he is not getting anything put of this arrangement so he is opposed. Why did he not oppose then, why did not JVP oppose then . Did the Rajapakshas hope to generate an income breeding fish in Hambantota ??
-- by Ruwan on 2017-08-11

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