Bond scandal overshadowed by underhand 8 frequency deal of Maithri with infamous Maharaja causing direct loss of Rs. 3 billion to country ?

President should quit until full probe is over- Anti Corrupt Organization

(Lanka-e-News- 09.Aug.2017, 11.30PM) When  the Government Auditor General himself has categorically stated there is no methodology in Sri Lanka (SL) to detect whether there could be a potential loss  to the government   when marketing the treasury bond ,then why is the actual and direct   loss of Rs. 3 billion incurred by the country owing to  the 8 ‘electronic frequencies’ granted by president Maithripala to notorious Maharaja via  a transaction without following proper tender procedures is  not being  probed ? questioned ‘Democrats for anti corruption’ organization in the communiqué issued by it .

The communiqué issued under the signature of Sekara Bandunatha the convener of the organization elaborates as follows :

No government In the whole wide world permits frequency of 700 mega hertz or more for television telecasts. That is because it can be sold at  exorbitant rates to increase the broad band potency of the telecommunication sector. 

The SL government by calling for tender bids in the final round for the megahertz 700 frequency , and by selling it received  dollars 25 million. Be that as it may,  Maithripala Sirisena after being installed in power brought the SLT regulatory under him , and gave the 8 most valuable frequencies to Maharaja Organization flagrantly violating the country’s financial policies and without following tender procedures. Owing to this gross irregularity , Sirisena directly caused a  loss of over Rs. 3 billion to the government . 

Though  a special commission has been   appointed to investigate the issue of bonds which  allegedly  caused a  loss to the government for which in fact there is no methodology to probe , it is not such a special commission which has no power  to investigate but a CID which has powers, or a parliamentary  select committee which has full powers that shall be appointed to probe into the ‘frequency fraud’ which was a direct cause of huge loss to the government, the anti corruption Democrats organization demanded.
In the way as  a case  was  filed against the President making him  the respondent based only on violation of  fundamental  rights , the Anti corruption organization urges from those responsible to file a case in the Supreme court (SC)  founded on  violation of fundamental rights of the people for causing a loss of over Rs. 3 billion by granting a public asset to Maharaja whimsically and illicitly.

The anti corruption Democrats therefore declared , since the ‘frequency’ worth more than Rs. 3 billion has been granted to Maharaja via an under the counter deal  by president at his own whim and fancy engendering a direct loss to the government , investigations must be launched into  whether Mathripala Sirisena or his family by that illicit transaction has received undue reciprocal benefits (kickbacks) from Maharaja , as well as into  the financial losses resulting to the government thereby . The anti corruption organization also insists that  president Maithripala Sirisena on ethical grounds should quit  from his presidential duties until the investigation is fully completed. 

Copy of the  communiqué is hereunder

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This dishonest President should resign asap....... He is disgrace to the SLFP
-- by Rohan on 2017-08-10

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