War heroes can’t be murderers ; neither can murderers be war heroes – I shall arrest all the culprits (photo and video)

-Army commander makes historic announcement !

(Lanka-e-News -08.Aug.2017, 9.30AM)   A murderer cannot become a war hero because the soldiers of the forces  have not only to abide by the Penal code but also  the military laws of the forces , and a war hero therefore can never  be a murderer since he is not a   murderer during a war . Hence , the culprit  cannot expect any  pardon from him, and all of them shall be arrested , the new army commander  revealed when addressing a media briefing after paying traditional homage to the Dalada, Kandy. 

The aforementioned most pleasantly shocking historic comments were made by no less a person than the  new army commander Mahesh Senanayake reckoned  as the mastermind who planned the war victory during the final phase of the ethnic war , and who led the brave special force that urinated on the enemy during the war . 
Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake on 4 th morning paid homage to the Sri Dalada , Kandy and invoked the blessings . He visited the Malwatte and Asgiriya chapters , and met the mahanayakes  who blessed him.

After first visiting  the Malwatte Vihara and meeting Ven. Thibbatuwawe Sri Sumangala Thera and receiving his blessings , the army commander met the mahanayake of Asgiriya chapter Ven. Warakagoda Sri Gnanarathane Thera  to receive his blessings. Thereafter he met the Malwatte chapter anunayake( second in command) Ven. Dimbulkande Wimalananda Thera who too blessed him.

Later , he sent a wave of  most pleasant shock among   the law abiding citizens of the country by addressing the media as follows :

 ‘Soldiers and officers are subject not only  to the Penal code  of  the country but also the military laws. Therefore the army ,Navy and the Air force are discipline respecting  forces. 
In the circumstances , if any member of the forces has committed offences using  their uniforms whether during the war or after , such a member cannot be a war hero.  

It is such pseudo   ‘war heroes’ who allege they are being penalized. But no true war hero who has truly fought has faced punishment , will not be punished and will not be allowed to be punished.  That is because we have not committed such offences. 

 If a wrong is committed , that is certainly a wrong. If I had done any wrong I should also face the guillotine. What I  mean  by that  is the society should know exactly the difference between a war hero and a murderer.
Specially the army must know precisely who is a war hero and who is a murderer .If a war hero has turned into a murderer , he should face the punishment appropriately. There is no mercy for him. I shall be taking into custody all those who ought to be arrested. Those have not been committed in combat during the war . That is why I say that. ‘ 

The new army commander also made a statement regarding the present situation in Jaffna – Video hereunder. 

Photographs of army commander’s Kandy tour by Vimukthi De Soysa 

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Let us now wait for action to catch up with words.Perhaps start with the allegations published some years ago in Asian Tribune about Fonseka,s alleged murder of youths in 1985 at Valvettiturai. There was a full account including one by a youth who had survived, and a picture of the destroyed Community centre.This was published to discredit F. along with other scandalous accounts re women soldiers.Archives may be available
-- by hikmeeya on 2017-08-09

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