40 more high profile politicos including Dayasiri incriminated in Aloysius case! President never told Ravi to resign

(Lanka-e-News - 06.Aug.2017, 8.00AM)  Pot calling the Kettle black !   Dayasiri Jayasekera who says he will raise  both hands to send Ravi Karunanayake home  in the Aloysius treasury bond case is himself incriminated in same. The investigations into the telephone and sms messages exchanged via the telephone of Arjun Aloysius have implicated about 40 names of high profile politicos of the opposition and government  including Dayasiri .  

Among those politicos are ministers  Nimal Siripala De Silva,Susil Premachandra , Dayasiri Jayasekera of the opposition , and ministers Malik Samarawickrema and Sujeewa Senasinghe of the UNP. Of course  notorious  Namal Rajapakse   and Basil Rajapakse of the Rajapakse family whose names are already  synonymous with frauds  are also involved. 

It is therefore a pertinent question why only Ravi Karunanayake is being interrogated and within just two days  in connection with the so called investigation into the 8600 page document pertaining  to the sms and telephone messages exchanged via the telephone of Arjun Aloysius .

Meanwhile Lankadeepa newspaper’s report that the president has notified  Ravi Karunanayake to resign from his portfolio is a newspaper canard and an absolute lie, according to sources close to the president , LeN learns.

Lakbima newspaper belonging to the deputy speaker cum bookmaker reveals at the no confidence motion against Ravi, members of the  SLFP  which constitutes part of the consensual government are going to vote against Ravi. This report has also been confirmed by sources close to the president as an absolute falsehood. Expressing their views to us , they said , ‘we are not that mad to vote for a no confidence motion brought forward by the alliance, ’and such a thing  was never even discussed  among the SLFP.

The P.M.  has not advised Ravi to resign from the portfolio. Sources close to  Ranil  pointed out , the hand  that is now raised to attack Ravi today can be the same hand that can be used against Ranil tomorrow.’

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here is a clue - Bandula, Dayasiri, lakshman yapa, mahinda amaraweera the fisheries minister and UNP few MPs including sajith are all funded heavily by the 6000million pyramid solar light scam people - the link was given by two large scale pyramid scam networks from senarath and rajapaksha family hold to above ministers and they are getting millions of USD to attack UNP government as their FCID cases are going to come out soon - google and search for the truth - global life / best life / oktan are the key funding arms to above ministers including to minister of justice - Central bank old officials also have take bribe in millions in past 8 years from those large scale scams.
-- by William M on 2017-08-06

This is very well organized game the President is playing. All the crook of the previous regime are being excluded and only the UNP MPs are being identified for investigations - that too supported by the JVP who mainly work on behalf of capitalist robbers . It seems to me that Mahinda Rajapakse is still the President. We did not vote for a 'ponnaya' to be our President. If he cannot do what he promised he should put up his and leave the position for a re-election. Or is he still having hopper parties with MR.
-- by Rohana on 2017-08-06

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