Defeated and rejected Medical oppressors of GMOA mafia seeking to sabotage ERPM alias Act 16 exam now !

(Lanka-e-News - 01.Aug.2017, 11.30PM)  It is by now a well an widely known fact that the  chiefs  of the  Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA ) mafia are now rejected as GOMA (cow dung) because of their reckless and rudderless conduct despite being doctors who have taken the sacred of oath of Hippocrates to be of service to humanity subordinating all other interests .
Yet these  chiefs who are more mischievous than even  thieves are again resorting  to  sly maneuvers to falsely portray that  all their villainous activities were directed to safeguard the health services. Unfortunately however  due to  their dastardly efforts exploiting the SAITM issue  to sabotage the ERPM exam which is held for students who qualify as medical graduates from foreign medical Colleges it is very manifest all these are manipulations geared to rescue their own wicked breed and achieve their selfish  self fattening aims at the expense of national interests .

The ERPM exam Act 16 is conducted in two parts –theory and practical , and is held thrice a year only. Exams are held on subjects including Surgery , pediatrics , gynecology , and separate theory and practical tests are conducted for each subject. Besides , the candidates are permitted to follow internship only if they pass in all the subjects.
They are appointed  to hospitals based on rankings  only after all the local amateur doctors  have been ranked. In other words  the student of local medical College who secures the lowest marks at the Common MCQ exam held separately for them is given preference over the student who succeeds  securing  more marks in the Act 16 exam. 

Besides the Act 16 exam has been so arranged that the candidates  find it difficult to pass the exam in all the subjects at the same time. The hidden objective behind this is to  make the foreign qualified medical students to spend some more  years  of their lives  by keeping them entrapped in the final exam for several years .  Therefore these students by the time they successfully complete the MCQ exam they have lost several years of their seniority vis a vis  their  local counterparts.
In the meanwhile by a notification issued in April 2017 , the GOMA (cow dung) doctor villains said , until the SAITM issue is resolved in the way they want , they will not participate when  holding  the theory and practical exams .Based on that the exam which was to be held in October this year is being threatened with signs of cancellation  already because of the unjust uncalled for action of the doctor monsters’  trade union GMOA alias GOMA.  The GOMA mafia  is taking revenge on the foreign medical graduates  who are completely isolated from the SAITM issue based on GOMA’s cheap agendas o – to safeguard the so called superiority of the local medical graduates. 

No matter what,  it is a pity the local medical students who receive free education out of tax payers’ monies, instead of making full use of their time towards studies,  owing to their immaturity and lack of intelligence have fallen prey to evil political agendas and become tools of satanic  politicians. Consequently they  prefer to roam the streets and waste their time like drug addicts and wayside idlers compromising their precious future  neglecting studies.  
By their  neglecting classes and lessons , the chances of a  team of local doctors being appointed as amateur doctors  at the beginning of the new year is in jeopardy. 

If the dearth of doctors is to be combated  somewhat , and truly if  concern is being shown towards  the quality of medical education , circumstances must  be created to hold the ERPM exam on time , and pave the way to those  who have secured valid  medical degrees from foreign medical Colleges to  receive their amateur doctor  appointments.  But the GOMA mafia which always thinks evil, acts evil  and promotes evil ,and which is opposed to a  group of foreign medical graduates springing up  who will be    more  senior  than the local medical graduates are  engaging in treacheries and villainies to sabotage the ERPM  exam with a view to obstruct the amateur doctor appointments. 

Sadly the foreign medical graduates who are stymied , entangled and enmeshed by  the Act 16  and  are seeking to pass the exams successfully from time to time are stranded at every turn. Yet the GOMA mafia Satans don’t give a damn about it because they are anxiously waiting to foil  the exam any day it is held. Hence , the Act 16 practical exam specially is being  conducted sans transparency to scuttle it. 

These   impediments have paved the way for the local medical graduates who are always after filthy lucre to satiate their appetite for  money making by fair or foul means.   Even before their duties are over at the government hospitals the ‘GOMA’ doctors scoot off. There are a large number of them who want to conduct  tuition classes for ERPM exam.  These selfish self seeking doctors whose gaze is fixed only on filthy lucre,  earn hundreds of  thousands of rupees per day   by charging many thousands of rupees from each  student.

On the day before the practical exam , they collect through their assistants the data  of the cases of patients who arrive at the various hospitals which are medical centers , and convey those via the internet to the students who attend their classes.

The senior doctors (consultants) who regulate the ERPM practical exam are still worse. They pass their favorites, and fail other  candidates for no reason who have performed well  in the practical exam having identified   the disease and prescribing  the treatment  duly .
To the students who fail in the practical exam , there are no advice or reasons given.   After about a month the candidates  come to know  they have passed or failed .  Based on this outmoded system the examiners taking full advantage of it  pass their favorites and children of their cronies . As regards the other candidates, there are reports that  bribes are demanded or sexual favors are solicited to pass them . 
The present government which is for  good  governance is duty bound to do justice to the foreign qualified medical graduates  , and rescue the health sector  from the cruel clutches of the GOMA  (cow dung) rapacious rascals. 

Already the academic year for  the amateur doctors  has begun. Because of the shortage of amateur doctors  in the future , the young interns (local and foreign) who might have  suffered  for  an additional year as amateur doctors  will get some relief.
While the chiefs of GOMA doctors are sticking in Colombo and enjoying all the  benefits of private channeling , it is the young interns and post interns in hospitals situated in difficult areas who have to face all the sufferings without even proper food and water.  

We wish to make the following proposals to the government :

1. Since the written exam is conducted according to the MPQ system , the GOMA doctors are not indispensable  . The exam that has been postponed indefinitely can be held immediately .

2. This exam being conducted  by the government , the holding of the practical exam can be declared an essential services via a gazette notification  , and if the GOMA doctors boycott it legal measures can be introduced to confiscate their assets as a mode of punishment . In the alternative , as a  temporary solution suitable senior foreign doctors can be invited to conduct  the practical exam .

3. All the practical examinations shall be conducted in accordance with internationally accepted standards while making voice recording compulsory . The students who failed can be given the voice recording and a written summary of their weaknesses by the examiner so that they  can identify their mistakes.  Opportunities must be granted  to use those as evidence to make an appeal .

4. Punishment shall be meted out to the doctor villains who scoot off early neglecting their official duties to conduct private tuition classes . In addition the assets of all these doctors shall be probed into to ascertain whether they have duly paid taxes to the government.

5. If the examiners too  are trying to indulge in malpractices and irregularities like those conducting tuition classes , a methodology shall be evolved to enable the candidates to report such activities anonymously to the health ministry or the police .

Certainly nobody who shows concern for the quality of SL’s  health sector is going to object to  the introduction of these reforms .It is only the doctor mafia monsters and Morons who  seek to safeguard their empire of wealth unjustly acquired and their vain  Utopia would raise stupid objections. 

By  Doctor Queer

by     (2017-08-01 18:16:38)

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Computer correction of Common MCQ papers eliminates examiner bias. Under power of GMOA, SLMC evil deans out of control of their schools, together with GMOA rabid repesentatives in SLMC, and of course the senile prez. forced to fade away, all got together to cancel ERPM. SLMC is illegal and immoral on many other issues too.
-- by citizen on 2017-08-01

Further add....any Dr's, who are practicing in developed countries with minimal of 3 yrs or more experience must be added without any further SL exams into our system.
-- by Coconut Republic on 2017-08-02

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