Hambantota port the white elephant of Rajapakses released at last ! only 31 participated to protest against agreement ; Port belongs to SL says China!

(Lanka-e-News- 31.July.2017, 11.30PM)   It is an incontrovertible  well known fact that the power crazy over greedy Medamulana family while they were  ruling the country did everything to  selfishly build only their own empire through huge  illicit commissions and rackets  even if the country was led to   rack and ruin. 

The  Hambantota Port project launched by the Medamulanas only to adorn their village self glorify themselves  turned into a white elephant naturally because of their selfish ambitions  and self seeking agendas to the detriment of the country . They always put self and pelf however earned before service to the country. Fortunately , when the country’s economy was at the brink  of total collapse  owing to their perfidies and corrupt activities , the present government however was able  to sign an agreement today in the nick of time  to make this Port a  joint Chinese  and  Sri Lankan government private enterprise , and salvage the economy.  

The Rajapakses’ selfishness and self greed for illicit gains  were so monumental ,it is while there was a huge obstructing rock  at the center of the Port and the  country was drowned in debt, that they inaugurated this white elephant  Hambantota port in 2010 to load more  debt burdens on  the already poverty stricken  people . In 2011 though the rock was destroyed no vessels arrived.

It was while  it was  a widely known fact  this was a total flop that the Machiavellian Rajapakses best noted for worst deceits at the expense of the people, instead of  finding a permanent solution to this ‘white elephant’ diverted the ships loaded with vehicles arriving at the Colombo harbor to Hambantota Port simply to give the false impression to the people that ships are arriving at the new Hambantota harbor.

Owing to this dubious move  , the revenue of the Colombo Port declined. Even after  ships arriving at Colombo port were diverted to Hambantota , since 2011 until now – that is for the last 6 years , only about 100 ships have arrived at the Hambantota Port. If the ships which were diverted from Colombo are excluded , only  as few as about 12 ships have arrived in Hamabantota so far! Besides these are not commercial vessels ,and only ships on tour.
It is significant to note the installment to be paid by next year on this loan taken for the creation of the white elephant (so called Hambantota Port) by these satanic Medamulana village crocodiles is a whopping Rs. 9.1 billion ! Mind you this will increase to Rs. 15 billion in the year 2020.  Since the Hambantota Port of the Rajapakses built for the sole and whole purpose to  glorify and aggrandize themselves at the expense of the country has no revenue , this payment has to be made out of the profits earned from Colombo harbor .  

In any event the average profit earned by Colombo harbor is about Rs. 11 billion. Hence , if the loan installment of Rs. 9.1 billion is paid next year , payment of bonus to the port employees will be rendered impossible.  To pay the installment of Rs. 15 billion in 2020 , the country will have to  borrow another Rs. 4 million. In the circumstances because of the ill conceived project and bad planning of the village crocodiles that shed  crocodile tears for the country was headed for deep despair , and the entire Ports structure too was on the verge  of total collapse , the intelligent section of the present government realizing the imminent danger came to grips with the grave problem .Yet those defeated and discarded rogues within the consensual government impeded the  efforts. Consequently , nothing fruitful could be achieved  for the last two and half years. 

 It was only after the corrupt ‘rock’ by the name of Arjuna the minister who was a bigger obstacle than the rock at Hambantota port  was chased out from the Ports ministry , the country was able to see sunshine ,and the country benefited at last when the agreement was signed on the 29 th. 

Nevertheless the loss incurred by the country so far is Rs.  46.7 billion . Based on the new agreement , the investment of China is US dollars 1.4 billion. That is 215,040 million in SL rupees ! In other words following this agreement , the country is gaining two fold : The Colombo harbor revenue can be safeguarded and the debt burden of the country can be diminished. Moreover , the  vehicles sent to Hambantota port for trans shipment can be resumed by Colombo port. 

The agreement ‘China Merchants Port Holdings Co.’ between Sri Lanka  and China was signed at the ceremony held on 29 th July by Ports and Naval affairs ministry secretary L.P. Jayampathy and SL ports authority chairman Parakrama Dissanayake who represented the SL government while Dr. Hu Jianhua the vice chairman of China Merchants Port Holdings Co.  signed on behalf of the Chinese Co. 

Dr. Hu Jianhua related an interesting story which should have brought home the true situation to SL Neanderthal saboteurs and protestors  who do not know the difference between selling and leasing. …

‘People have a nationality  and citizenship. But when it comes to investments and business there are no territorial borders.  This Port has been constructed in Hambantota . Nobody can take that away from there. That belongs to the SL citizens. The Hambantota Port commercial activities will be crossing the borders and  extending  via the Indian ocean to the entire world in general including Europe.’ Dr. Jianhua pinpointed. 

This announcement made by Dr. Jianhua of Red China must have made  JVP leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake of SL better known as a perfect donkey even without a  tail owing to his egregious stupidity , who shouts and  screams that SL is going to be sold or leased to red China  but  goes  on pilgrimage to that same country, to wonder  what  exactly  Dr. Jianhua categorically stated. Because of  his undisputed mental debility and eccentricity  , perhaps Anura may go on wondering until doomsday whether the announcement of Dr. Jianhua is consonant with socialism.  

It is no wonder therefore  only 31 individuals participated in the JVP trade union meeting held on the 29 th (noon) to oppose the signing of the agreement with China in spite of the fact there are as many as nearly 10,000 employees working  in the Colombo Port. 

Hereunder are photographs depicting the agreement along with full details that was signed on the 29 th ( can be viewed by magnifying) 

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