Complaints to International parliamentary association against hooliganism of Priyankara , Prasanna and Welgama

(Lanka-e-News - 30.July.2017, 4.30PM)  Following the parliament being made a scene of bedlam by hoodlums of the joint alliance who shamelessly call themselves as parliamentary representatives which brought unimaginable disgrace on  the August assembly the apex constitutional body , even after the Hon. Speaker adjourned its sittings , moves are afoot to mete out punishment to these  hooligan parliamentarians  who shamelessly call themselves as people’s representatives.

UNP national list M.P. Dr. Aashu Marasinghe and UNP Colombo district M.P. Mujibur Rahman insisted that   a request shall be made to the speaker to punish these unruly rowdy parliamentarians under the parliament rules , as well as a complaint shall be lodged with the International parliamentary  association. They made this announcement when addressing a media briefing held on 29 th .

As always , when a group of joint alliance slaves and scoundrels (M.P.s) were behaving like rowdies in the streets thereby  degrading and insulting   the supreme legislative assembly of the people on the 28 th , Priyankara Jayaratne forcibly took the place of the speaker and rang the bell to summon parliamentary  sittings. Prasanna Ranatunge too forcibly sat in the chair that was  reserved for the president while   Kumara Welgama forcibly took away the seat of the chief secretary of parliament .  By the gross misconduct of these three hooligan M.P.s  , the people’s most honored representative assembly was scorned and insulted beyond measure.

Such a disgraceful scenario involving people’s representatives has  never ever been witnessed in parliament before. 

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First of all are they fit enough to be in parliament? This is the result of having no education and knowing nothing of procedures. Money cannot buy class, nor qualities. The pig will always wallow in the mud!!
-- by Gullible mass on 2017-07-31

Sri lanka a land like no other????????????
-- by Jigsaw Jakson on 2017-08-01

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