The strike that invited people’s retaliation ! Hypocritical struggle bites the dust – (video footage)

(Lanka-e-News - 28.July.2017, 11.40AM)  The Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) strike that was launched by the JVP and a group of the notorious, mischief creating  corrupt MARA at the instigation of Arjuna simply  frittered away by evening yesterday when the public launched a retaliatory action against the strikers to teach these hypocritical faceless trade union leaders.  assault from the  public.
With the government declaring the fuel distribution as an essential service and enlisting the army , the saboteurs and disruptive ‘heroes ‘ were transformed into ‘zeros’. These disruptive zeros who  were sabotaging the activities at the Kolonnawa petroleum  terminal did not even know that the army had entered the terminal.  After the army evacuated the saboteurs from the terminal , the JVP trade union leader in his characteristic style bragged emptily that the petroleum  bowsers will not be allowed to be taken out tomorrow.  

By noon because these hooligans who were disallowing the train transporting fuel and were obstructing  the roads , the public were naturally and justifiably infuriated.  As their children who were returning after school were facing hardships because of these idlers and  strikers blocking the roads , they told the police that if the latter cannot chase away these so called strikers alias rowdies , they will take the initiative and drive them away.

The police took these saboteurs into custody after that . Thereafter the anti riot squad of the forces cleared the railway line , whereupon the JVP hypocrites and the MARA group of bandits who were parading as great heroes fled the scene. Though the government engaged  the forces for the distribution of fuel , the government was cautious  not to  deploy    them to disperse the saboteurs , and instead used  the police. 

Later when one or two employees reported for work , a large number of others also got ready  to get back  to work , because the government sternly warned that they will be considered as having vacated posts if they don’t resume duties. 
Finally , these  strikers who started from nowhere ended there: The strike ended as a fiasco , and the trade union leaders who were flying high even above the sky fell below like dead crows . 

When Weerawansa  the Modawansa who is notorious for fishing in troubled waters  and a  group of the joint alliance arrived to see those  behind bars , these so called trade union leaders could only express their sorrows and the disaster  they have courted  voluntarily through their folly and hypocrisy .  In the end , the defeated and deflated  trade union leaders  could only say , they have ‘postponed their struggle’ which in fact was  a face saving announcement since  these hypocritical bankrupt leaders had no other answer to give  after they got assaulted by the enraged public. 

Now, Anura Kumara Dissanayake the leader of the moribund JVP alleges that the trade  union leaders were arrested while they were   negotiating with the president ,and it was a group of Marikar that launched the assault. The video hereunder belies his allegations and provides the true picture.  

Following this incident and  the hypocritical  trade union leaders meeting the Waterloo, it became  very evident the government is not any longer going to toe a soft line or  policy against the hypocritical trade union leaders and their unjustifiable demands. It is a pity  these union leaders are so hypocritical and their agendas are so  selfish and self centered that they are blind to true national interests . 

By trying  to cash in on the democratic freedom  they are now enjoying under the present government of good governance ( as opposed to the  tyrannical rule of the Rajapakses )  and abuse it ,  they have left such a democratic government with  no choice  except  turn tough  .  In the circumstances   it is these foolish trade union leaders who must be blamed ,for they are the architect of their misfortunes. 

In  1971 , 1988-89  when murderous violence was stoked by the JVP, they   only clearly demonstrated what a destructive and brutal party theirs is to the people when they sacrificed precious  lives of thousands of innocent youths  during those periods only to finally face a worst humiliating defeat without achieving any of their  so called goals – all their leaders after killing innocent citizens and intellects ended up in gaols and faced punishment  . it is very unfortunate  the JVP doesn’t have the capacity to realize its monumental wrongs of its past. Neither do its leaders have any grey matter to see anything in the right perspective .  No wonder they are  committing the same egregious blunders again and again with greater determination  to face worst humiliation and defeat even now. 

No scene or sight in  the world could be  more hideous than to witness   the disgraceful shameless JVP leaders who have lost all their much boasted  policies and ideologies standing  alongside the despicable and discarded henchmen like Piyadasas ,  Dallas and  Dinesh of the corrupt crooked deposed Rajapakses at the rally under the theme ’SAITM Jana pavura’ organized by the JVP .

 It is therefore being widely questioned , whether   the JVP leaders are wearing trousers because they have a sense of shame  or simply to protect the stinking moth eaten remains  of the  ‘threesome’  within , from the outside mosquitoes .

We thank all those who provided the video clips to  enable LeN to prepare this video footage hereunder revealing the true story…..

Watch the humiliating defeat faced by the hypocritical heroes who were finally transformed into disgraced zeros 

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Please release video of joint opposition members who were in the police station trying to release the petroleum strikers.
-- by Steve on 2017-07-30

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