Government gets tough with CPC trade unions against their unreasonable demands- army summoned !

(Lanka-e-News - 26.July.2017, 11.30PM)  The government responded most sternly to the strike staged since 24 th midnight based on most unreasonable demands posed by several   trade unions of the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation against the leasing of the languishing , idling and  corroding oil tanks by the government  to India . 

Toeing a tough line  the government declared the  CPC as an essential service with effect from midnight 25 th . This decision was announced by the president . Consequent upon this decision , the army and the Air force were  deployed to distribute fuel since  this morning( 26) . 

Under the essential services , employees who do not report for work are considered as have vacated post, the president ‘s directive states. 

When  trade union leaders and saboteurs defied the order and  obstructed the army , the anti riot squad arrived on the scene and arrested 8 employees who were obstructing the activities of the CPC ,and by evening fuel was  distributed  to the outside by the bowsers that left the CPC storage complex. 

When Dinesh Gunawardena , Anura Dissanayake and Namal Rajapakse raised questions in parliament in this connection , the situation turned stormy , and parliament had to be adjourned. 

It is learnt that it is petroleum minister Arjuna Ranatunge the faceless, policy-less double dealing politico and a Rajapakse group who are behind these sabotage activities .

(  Photos depict the army’s arrival in Kolonnawa , and the resumption of fuel distribution )

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