SL ambassador to France who does not know to unfurl national flag unerringly and hypocritical monks flock in Paris !

(Lanka-e-News - 26.July.2017, 7.15PM)  Thilak Ranaviraja , the Sri Lanka (SL) Ambassador to France who boasts and brags at every turn that he has been in government service for the last 40 years and  held various posts in the government service , recently demonstrated clearly despite all his braggadocios  that he does not even know to hoist or unfurl the national flag of the country unerringly  !

That is , at a function in which he was the chief guest at his office of ambassador , he unfurled the flag using  the posterior (tail) side of the Lion on the flag (photo depicts and confirms) .

Perhaps Ranaviraja still respects his own ancestral tail he got from  the monkeys in the jungles  more than his own onerous human duties as a SL  ambassador in France .
What was disgraceful and vilifying to the country more  than Ranaviraja’s tail (rather Lion’s tail display by him)  was , the presence of a group of bhikkhus in that midst who pretended not to notice this glaring blunder  thereby making  a display of  their own abysmal unconcern for the damage caused to  country’s image. The irony of ironies is  these are the very counterfeit monks who boast , pose and parade as most concerned about giving a true  Buddhist and cultural character to the country’s administration !
May Lord Buddha give us the strength and spirit at least to save the fragrance of the saffron robe even if we cannot those draped in it ! 

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