Draft on new constitution in parliament next month ! Referendum definitely..! Wijedasa’s views are not government’s ; conspiracy to fragment Malwatte chapter –P.M.

(Lanka-e-News - 23.July.2017, 6.10AM)     The preliminary draft of the new constitution will be tabled in parliament by end of August . Thereafter, that will be discussed at national level before the two third majority vote is obtained in parliament in its favor. A people’s referendum will definitely be held in that connection finally ,  the prime minister vowed when he met with the representatives of Citizen’s Front 

The preliminary draft was delayed because the proposals of the SLFP had not been received yet.  A referendum is imperative , and the P.M. therefore requested the Citizen’s Front to get ready .

This meeting was a sequel to a request made by  Citizen’s Front organization for  a discussion with the P.M. in connection with the criticisms leveled by Minister of justice Wijedasa Rajapakse the Trojan horse of the Rajapakses  who blabbered  , the brains  should be examined of the intelligent civilian leaders who signed for an advertisement of the Citizen’s Front  which appeared in a weekend newspaper titled ‘No, No, No to racism and religious hatred.’  Following this provocative  announcement of Wijedasa , two robed extremists made complaints to the IGP against the intelligent civilians . 

The Citizens Force sought  this discussion to learn whether the view of Trojan horse Wijedasa is that of the government . Wijedasa is by  now well noted as a tie coat , turncoat and cutthroat  who is selfishly trying to get the best from both sides while fanning  communal and religious hatred .

The Citizens Front represented by 20 of its members met with the P.M.  Friday (21) at 5.00 p.m. and the discussion lasted about 2 hours. 

The P.M. referring to the utterances of  Wijedasa made it abundantly clear the government does not identify  itself with Wijedasa’s views. The president and P.M. are not at all opposed to the notifications issued by the Citizen’s front pertaining to racial and religious reconciliation, and both of them fully approve those , P.M. emphasized.  

The government certainly appreciates the efforts of Citizen’s Front towards racial and religious reconciliation , and those are never underestimated . Moreover , as an organization that supported the government to be installed in power , at any time every measure will be taken to safeguard the organization  , the P.M. pinpointed.
When the Citizens Front exposed the deadly and explosive  moves of villainous Wijedasa (despite being a minister of the government) , which are contradictory to the policies of the government while taking  shelter under  various extremist  religious leaders including the Asgiriya chief prelate , the P.M. related an intriguing story…… 

Asgiriya prelate along with several political groups is conducting this political campaign to break the Malwatte chapter into two , and not for any other reason. Hence , it is important the Malwatte chapter shall be rescued. The P.M. recalling history said,  the Malwatte chapter did not surrender or kowtow even during the Vijitha era when the latter   had 80 temples of the country under it. Malwatte chapter  is remembered as having protected Buddhism and its independence in every crisis.

 (It is worthy of note , Asgiriya chapter has only as few as about 5 % of the  temples under it across the country   . It is only based on    the custody of the Dalada Maligawa - secured in turns, the Asgiriya chapter is making an inordinate exhibition of its powers) .

Responding to queries raised by the Citizen’s front regarding the postponement of provincial council elections , the P.M. after explaining the reasons in detail said, the PC elections will definitely be held before next January. Neither the president nor he is desirous of delaying the elections , he added. 

The P.M. went on to comment as follows:

No party has agreed with the system introduced by the former government.  Now that  it is not possible to completely eliminate that system, after the system is changed with the concurrence of all the parties , the elections will be held.
If elections are held at once without doing this , there is a possibility under that  system to lose our representation , and even a boycott of elections. That will be unwelcome in the present situation in the country. Though many are blaming the government for delaying the PC elections , we shall be holding the elections after all the parties come into an agreement.  Even if that  may not be 100 % what  we desired  , the elections will be such the votes can be used effectively. ‘

The Citizen’s front also questioned P.M. regarding the delays in filing action against the culprits involved in murders , perfidies and corruption , while pointing out these are of oft asked questions. They urged that one or two more courts shall be established to resolve this issue. Saman Rathnapriya of the Citizen’s Front said , this is about the fifth time   this question has been asked. The P.M. in reply said he would discuss with the president and find a solution. 

Gamini Viyangoda of Citizen’s front revealed this has been discussed with the president many times , and there is nothing new to tell him on this, and the  president has agreed with it , he noted.
The P.M. then revealed  , there is a shortage of judges. J.C. Weliamunna P.C. responding to this said , there is no such dearth of judges, and there are plenty of suitable lawyers in  SL for those  posts. In SL  there are enough lawyers even to supply to Fiji Islands. The P.M. anyway said, after discussing with the president  he would find a solution.

Answering the question posed with regard to the closure of the Corruption investigation Bureau , the P.M. replied , at the time the government came into power , there was at once a large number of complaints , this bureau was created to assist in the investigations conducted by other Institutions already in existence, but now that congestion is over. 

As most of the complaints received have been investigated and concluded , in the future the complaints received can be investigated as usual by the FCID , CID, Bribery and corruption commission . Hence the corruption investigation Bureau is now redundant , and unnecessary .

The Hambantota Port  agreement will be signed with China in about a month , and a new tax system based on new tax policy will be introduced in September , the P.M. announced. 

The Citizen’s front was represented by about 20 members including  Ven. Royal Pundit Dr. Dambara Amila Thera, Dr. Wickremebahu Karunaratne , J.C. Weliamuna P.C. , Gamini Viyangoda, Saman Rathnapriya, Lawyer Nimalka Fernando, Asoka Handagama, Ravaya editor – lawyer Chandragupta Thenuwara , Raja Uswetakeiyawa, Dharmisiri Bandaranaike and Lakshman Mendis .

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