Employees of ‘Rivira’ of Rajapakses not paid their salaries for 2 ½ months : Journalists in deep despair !

(Lanka-e-News - 22.July.2017, 11.30PM)    The staff over 200 in number including journalists of Rivira Media Corporation Ltd. which publishes ‘Rivira’ and ‘The Nation ‘ newspapers    run by the Medamulana Rajapakses  through Nilanka Rajapakse  a ‘shadow’ of shady Medamulana have not been paid their salaries for the last two and half months, based on reports reaching Lanka e news. 

These administrators alias beggars have told the staff last Thursday (20) who were working there  to collect Rs.5000.00 each as an allowance. The employees had refused to collect that sum, and demanded the full arrears of payment-  the two and half months salaries. 

The individual by the name of Sena Yadehiyage who purchased Richard Peiris in 2006 , soon  after Rajapakses came to power in 2005  launched the Rivira newspaper.  Later somewhere in 2008 , the Rajapakses who entertained the notion that all the media should be brought under their control bought the Rivira newspaper from Sena Yadehiyage through Nilanka Rajapakse and Prassanna Wickremesuriya who is a relative of Medamulana .Subsequently a popular casino magnate Ravi Wijeratne invested in Rivira. But with the defeat of the Rajapakses in 2014, Ravi Wijeratne quit Rivira.

Though Rivira publicized , it sold 6000 daily newspapers and about 100, 000 copies of its weekend newspaper , in truth only about 20000 newspapers were printed .  This Institution which was publishing daily and weekend newspapers along with a woman’s newspaper ,  Children’s newspaper ,  an astrology news magazine as well as a weekend English newspaper was on the decline day by day.
Owing to non payment of rent ,the printing establishment at Maradana had to be shifted , and a location at Borella had to be sought. Currently , the printing of the newspapers  is being carried out through  the printing establishment machineries  of Virakesari Co. A large sum of money is owing to Virakesari on this account.  

As is often the case ,  Nilanka Rajapakse being a crooked shadow of the equally or more crooked and corrupt Rajapakses  is a racketeer who is residing abroad .Therefore there  is no one to directly resolve the salary issues  of the staff .

The more pathetic aspect  to this dire  situation is  , the journalists who  expose the injustice  and woes faced by others is not  in a position to express their own predicament and plight through their own media .  It is only Lanka e news which always champions the cause of justice , truth and fair play come what may  is there to expose their abysmal sufferings   fearlessly , forthrightly and frankly. 

It is the duty  of those responsible to find a swift solution to these deeply afflicted media personnel without allowing the crooked and corrupt Rajapakses to save the culprit as usual and drive the affected and afflicted  into graver despair .

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atleast they paid 5000 allowance.. But the owner of Divyaa Lagoon Hotel Zarook Marikkar didnt pay the staffs at all. recruits staffs nd after the peak is over sends them without pay. he says law canonot touch him as he knows the president an PM...
-- by MNM on 2017-07-24

Nilanka Rajapksha is the same guy , In Whose name the former wildlife department land in Gregory's road Colombo 7 ,was acquired paying only 40 rupees and sold for one billion to John keels and built the seventh sence luxury apartment building which made a fortune for the Rajapksha family. Complains made to dr harsha fernando in this regard was not investigated.
-- by Chitta on 2017-07-24

Nilanka Rajapaksha was the name used to purchase the wildlife departments land at Gregories rd,Colombo 7. For Rs 40 and later sold to John keels for one billion rupees, where they built the luxury apartment complex SEVENTH SENCE and made a lot of money.
-- by Chitta on 2017-07-24

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