Intelligence division of forces unnerved over infamous Kili Maharaja importing weapons..! Kili attacks media regulatory…

(Lanka-e-News - 18.July.2017, 11.30PM)   It is a well and widely known fact that Capital Maharaja Co. owner Raja  Mahendran alias Kili Maharaja by  appointing his stooges as chiefs of President Maithripala Sirisena’s media unit , and after paying those chiefs,  bribes and additional salaries has made the presidential media unit a branch of his media chain. Now  after adorning  president Maithripala in colorful and flamboyant jungies ( mini shorts ) is taking  him down the garden path . The president has been deceived and duped so much so that Kili Maharaja is to be appointed as an agent for supply of arms to  the forces. The dangerous  deception practiced on the president  can be understood when seen against the backdrop that this illicit ‘deal’ is being steered ahead despite the forces becoming jittery over  it.

The former defense secretary Karunasena Hettiarachi a notorious rapist , a dipsomaniac  and a most corrupt individual was invited to the residence of Nimal Cook another despicable stooge of Maharaja . There , after a briefing, through this scoundrel of an ex defense secretary  , the president was  lured into giving the consent  to get down a shipment of weapons to the value of US dollars 300 million  produced in Russia , and to foist that on the SL  Naval forces.  Fortunately for the country and the forces , because Lanka e news  exposed this racket on time , it was halted. (Read our earlier report ).

Yet Kili Maharaja who is most notorious as a mahajara ( most squalid) businessman cum wheeler dealer has not given up on his efforts . His motto being  ‘where there is muck there is money.’ Therefore he knows not clean business deals or honest ventures. He is therefore still moving heaven and earth to become  an agent for ‘Rosoboronexport’ Co. Russia , and become  an authorized  Sri Lankan  agent for weapons. 

How Kili Maharaja supported the terrorists.. 

It is well known to the intelligence division of the forces that during the 30 years old cruel devastating ethnic war after independence ,Kili Maharaja maintaining close ties  with the terrorists , and by making extortion payments to the terrorists  promoted his business ventures faithfully adhering to his anti national  motto ‘ where there is muck there is money.’ Maharaja gave not only S Lon pipes but even Pepsi cola to the terrorists . In addition provided protection to the terrorists who arrived in Colombo as well as provided facilities to them to go overseas. Therefore Maharaja was deeply disappointed when the terrorists were defeated .The conduct of Kili  Maharaja when the forces captured the Kilinochchi fortress of the terrorists  is ample testimony in proof of that. Though that marked  a crucial  victory for the country which was a turning point  during the 30 years old war ,  the media chain of Maharaja  belittled that victory  and gave precedence to the bomb attack in Colombo on the same day launched by a terrorist suicide bomber, while giving massive publicity to the terrorist  attack via his  media chain.

His wicked eagerness to give publicity to the attack was so tremendous  that his media  used the old pictures of victims being taken to hospitals , instead of the actual pictures taken on that day.  The idea was to show that the suicide bomb attack was having a greater impact than the Kilinochchi victory of the forces. However  not much harm resulted from the suicide bomb attack as the explosion was   in front of a camp and away from it . Yet Maharaja using old pictures  of attacks portrayed  it as multifold vicious and devastating to boost the morale of the terrorists

How Kili Maharaja helped the despot 

Gotabaya who was provoked by these  Kili Maharaja machinations arranged  for a fierce attack on Maharaja’s media Institution. Even a claymore bomb was used in the attack .  Maharaja who is noted for his overriding unscrupulous and selfish self seeking traits then did a U turn instead of fighting for justice and  redress  , to enter into a secret sordid pact with Gotabaya .
Thereafter to inaugurate his Wesak zone, Kili Maharaja invited Gotabaya who hurled claymore bombs at his Institution. From that time  , whenever the name of Rajapakses were  being mentioned in their media channels  , that was suppressed by a ’meek’ noise , to glorify and laud  them  to the sky, while castigating the opposition chiefs including Ranil Wickremesinghe.  They were carrying on regardless as number one in  news reporting.  

However fortunately  the genuine masses did not fall prey to the mahajara (sordidness)  and profusion of lies of Maharaja  . They cast their votes to the UNP alliance and its leader , to throw out the Rajapakses lock , stock and barrel . Kili Maharaja who is always faceless , policy less and most unscrupulous did a U turn again like the weather vane changing direction with the prevailing wind . He then ensnared the new president Maithripala Sirisena who  did not have any idea  of the struggle and sacrifices made by  good governance masses , and who was at zero level  when it came to leadership abilities and experience .

In fact ,if the president had even minimum grey matter he would not have made  those under the pay of Kili Maharaja his media chiefs. Anyway , one and only President Sirisena did it. Though the detrimental side of that deadly move has been clearly shown to him , and he himself has known them , apparently he doesn’t give a damn ,which is clear  evidence how much of cunning and crooked Maharaja’s guile he has swallowed.  Believe it or not , in the whole wide world the only presidential media division which makes royalty claims is Sirisena’s Maharaja (mahajara)media division .

Kili Maharaja is resorting to all the conspiracies , camouflages and subterfuges to bring president  under his thumb knowing very well the president can be influenced easily towards the evil direction . Kili is indulging in all these villainous  maneuvers to ensure that he gets appointed as the agent for import of weapons. 

Either he is demented or traitorous 

If the leader of a country is to allow an individual to import arms who was closely associated in many ways with armed terrorists who waged a war against the country of which he is the leader , surely , either the leader of the country is demented or is a traitor. If he is neither, then he is  not fit to be the country’s leader. 

It is on those grounds the intelligence division of the  forces are opposed to granting the agency to Kili Maharaja to import arms . However the intelligence division of the forces have a ray of hope . That is , the hope  , this traitorous conspiracy that was hatched by dipsomaniac  ex defense secretary  in Nimal Cook’s house while drinking whiskey will not be allowed to succeed by the new defense secretary , Waidyaratne  a former additional solicitor general who not only respects laws but also knows what his onerous responsibilities are towards the country , being   a law abiding  and respected Sri Lankan citizen. 

Media and weapon businesses together…

Meanwhile Kili Maharaja is attacking the government which  proposed mass media regulatory, solely with a view to safeguard his own  agency plans for  weapons import .

Nowhere in the world illicit weapon dealers are issued licenses to carry on media businesses. Media owners are not granted licenses to do weapon deals. Such businesses were conducted only during the time of Hitler . The inevitable result was the second world war. 

The present civilized   world after learning a lesson from that devastation , does not permit media business and weapons business to be carried on concurrently .

Infamous Kili Maharaja  who is best known  as a most unscrupulous wheeler dealer cum businessman who would sacrifice precious national interests at the altar of his selfish self seeking  fell foul ambitions with a view to carry on  both his media and weapons businesses has started a campaign to attack the government for its involvement  in favor of the mass media regulatory which was most longed for  over a long period. Selfish, self seeking, self centered Kili is of course fully aware when there is a genuine  media regulatory , media and weapon businesses cannot be carried on simultaneously .
If the sensitive intelligence division of the government’s security forces turn jittery  in disfavor of  the mischievous attempts of infamous Kili Maharaja to become an agent for weapons , and to  carry on both the mass media business and weapons deals  simultaneously , undoubtedly the genuine journalists and mass media organizations that understand the true picture will also agitate  against it.

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