Notorious Gammanpila admits his guilt in the fraud he committed on Australian national ! Doesn’t remember what he did with the money !!

(Lanka-e-News - 16.July.2017, 1.25PM) Like how  Udaya  Gammanpila’s putrid antecedence is well known among the people , so is  the fraud he committed to misappropriate a land worth many billions  belonging to an Australian  national  by the name of Bryan Shadrick  .  In keeping with Gammanpila’s inborn crookedness and craftiness , he went on making a big din and telling the  media  the charges against him were false in order to cover up the fraud. But now based on an affidavit submitted to the Supreme Court (SC)  he has admitted his guilt thereby proving  beyond doubt once again that Gammanpila is a confirmed accomplished liar . 

Not only Gammanpila , even his close crony Sydney Jayasinghe via the affidavits had admitted they did sell the property of Bryan Shadrick , but now they do not remember what they did with the money. This loss of memory is a ruse  adopted by  born racketeers and fraudsters to circumvent the laws. Nothing can  be more ridiculous than the utterance of  Gammanpila that he has forgotten  what he did with millions of dollars  he collected by cheating Bryan Shadrick . It  is  a lie that can win him an award as the greatest liar on earth.  The affidavits of these two crooks can be obtained from courts , if anyone wishes. ( Their averments in the affidavits are  herein  ) 

Gammanpila the most notorious blackguard  who prefers  spotless white attire ( to conceal  his evil nature) first said , the police has uncovered information that Bryan Shadrick did not have any shares in the Panasia bank .He should have  had shares before he got cheated. Gammanpila’s next lie was there is no evidence whatsoever to testify that Bryan Shadrick gave the   former a power of attorney ,any day .

Gammanpila who is noted as an individual   who has a rare ability to speak using every orifice in his body including  the one that stinks  , is therefore capable of lying much more than any other ordinary being. Therefore despite Gammanpila profusely lying , and concocting all bogus stories to cover up his colossal fraud , when the truth declared itself  proving   Bryan had shares , it is being considered by one and all that truth has triumphed , specially because   Gammanpila in his  confession admitted that he  collected the proceeds after selling Bryan’s property . 

Meanwhile based on reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division ,  minister of justice Wijedasa Rajapakse widely known as a tie coat, turncoat , cutthroat another faceless unscrupulous corrupt politico is seeking to rescue Gammanpila from being remanded by bending and twisting the laws . 

(The statements of Gammanpila and Sydney in the affidavits admitting their guilt are marked in yellow color in the image  herein) 

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Hang Gammanpillay by his BALLS, the same way that has been planned for Medamulana Meeharaka!
-- by namal rajafucksha on 2017-07-16

This filthy bastard Pundai Gaanpila must be roasted in oil and handed over to the other filthy Moron Mahendra Rajapaksa to be kept near his wife ;s bedroom to be worshipped with vinigar and oil,this fucker is of value to himself nor the public
-- by sarath on 2017-07-17

This Gamanapillai is a rogue. Bring shame to the whole country. This is the result of appointing these togues to a government with no qualifications. Send this low down human being to jail and throw the keys away.
-- by Lal.Fernando. on 2017-07-19

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