Terrorizing GMOA faces humiliation at every turn ! They agree never to strike again after discussion with Ranil and Rajitha..! -Full report ….

(Lanka-e-News - 15.July.2017, 12.30PM) It is by now a well and widely known fact that the GMOA of the terrorist group of medical doctors alias medical oppressors of  Padeniya  is working according to the diabolic and anti national agenda of discarded deposed ex president Mahinda Rajapakse . Hence  they naturally became a scourge of the entire country  during the last several months , only to finally  bite   the dust most degradingly after failing miserably in their ruthless efforts to sabotage the education of immature  students of SAITM, and  medical Colleges; instigate students  to violence and hooliganism defying the law ; and  jeopardize  the lives of helpless suffering patients by staging regular  lightning  and indefinite strikes to the detriment of the entire country.

 After meeting the Waterloo and voluntarily inviting  disgrace they finally said  they would not stage strikes again in relation to the SAITM issue after convening a media discussion following their meeting with the Prime minister (P.M.) and Health minister  on the 12 th . 

It is to be noted this outcome was  following their  discussion ‘asked  and granted’ . That is ,after they went out of the way and sought a  discussion with the health minister and the prime minister. At the media discussion thereafter they revealed that they have agreed to accept the proposals  of the government. 

This GMOA now dubbed Government medical oppressors association is aware if they are to again stage strikes , it is the provoked and enraged  public that will teach them a lesson. All these days the GMOA of Padeniya killed patients slowly via strikes , but now the tables will be turned on them :They will be killed not only slowly but surely by  the people and patients. In fact , if the Padeniyas had still not understood the  dire situation in the country and the threats these GMOA terrorist leaders  are facing even after the warning and advice proffered to them by Dr.Carlo Fonseka who begged them not to strike,  they are only carving a short cut to their own disaster sooner than later , all  because of their overriding traitorous traits and innate  bestial nature despite being doctors who have taken the sacred oath of Hippocrates to give precedence to serving and treating the  serve .
These ruthless medical doctors now dubbed medical oppressors ,  sought a discussion with the P.M. as a face  saving exercise when they were headed for trouble owing  to their own seeking . Prior to that when they were going after the president to get an appointment for  discussions , they tried desperately  to get an appointment with the P.M. for a discussion  through Vajira Abeywardena . However when the latter told them he cannot comply with their request because Padeniya called the  P.M.  a mental patient, they sought other avenues to secure the appointment. 

P.M. imposes conditions…  

As a last straw they finally contacted  Dinesh Weerakody the president of the national human resource Council under the  economic and national policy ministry of P.M. and Dr. Gotabaya Ranasinghe. Padeniya in his desperation implored them to somehow get them  an appointment with the P.M. When Dinesh communicated this to P.M. , the latter stipulated  two conditions. 

The two conditions were: 

Only two doctors representing the GMOA can participate in the discussion , and the P.M. will participate only if the health minister Rajitha Senaratne consents. Besides , he will not participate unless the health minister too joins in the discussion. The GMOA leaders including Padeniya and Haritha Aluthge who were launching verbal onslaughts on  the health minister earlier on  , agreed with the P.M. ‘s conditions  readily.

Accordingly , the discussion was held on 12 th night with the participation  of Padeniya and GMOA secretary Haritha Aluthge. Others  present were the P.M. and health minister   Rajitha Senaratne. Dinesh Weerakody  too was there to render assistance. 

The P.M. speaking first said , as a trade union organization , the GMOA criticizing their  minister  is wrong , for the minister only expresses the opinion of the government represented by all and not his personal opinion. 

The GMOA stated SAITM  was first commenced as a Technology Institute which has now become a medical College.

Rajitha Senaratne in his reply said  , that contention is not tenable, and explained, when the Peradeniya University was launched in  the nineteen forties , there wasn’t a medical faculty , and that faculty where he obtained his education was started in the nineteen sixties. 
In the future the government is contemplating opening a medical faculty  in the Wayambe and another in  Sabaragamuwa Universities ,  and three more medical faculties in the Moratuwa University . Hence opening new faculties in Universities from time to time for new subjects is natural , Rajitha elaborated. Now the SLIIT  too has made a request to commence a medical faculty . Based on the argument of the GMOA then is  that also wrong ? the minister questioned. 

It was the view of Padeniya and Haritha Aluthge (the medical doctors cum medical oppressors)  that the commencement of SAITM sans adequate standards  is wrong. 

Minimum standard

The P.M. and Rajitha pinpointed , SAITM was not something created by the present government , and asked for an evaluation regarding everything said and done  in the past when the SAITM was launched . It was because of the fault of the medical council that the minimum standard was not stipulated . Hence it was not the fault of anyone else  , they  explained. 

SAITM was commenced by Neville Fernando  who is himself a doctor. In 2009  , a request was made by letter to the Medical Council to inform the minimum  standard required . The president of the medical council H.S.R. Samarasinghe at that time in his reply stated , the council cannot arrive at a definite conclusion regarding the minimum standard. 

The P.M. and Rajitha therefore questioned , then how can SAITM have a minimum standard which even the medical council did not have at that time ?  Padeniya already suffering from AIDS (Acquired intelligence deficiency syndrome) was dumbfounded and baffled by this question. 

Padenya then questioned how  SAITM which was to award medical degrees earlier  in affiliation with Russia is now going to award those here?  

It was the medical council which made the SAITM to do that, Rajitha  pointed out. ‘When SAITM wanted to be a foreign degree awarding Institute in liaison with the government in 2010,  it is your GMOA that insisted , not to award foreign degrees , and to try  to award local degrees. It was the president of the Medical council then , professor Ms.Lalitha Mendis who intimated in writing that AT 16 is not necessary , while highlighting the four advantages . Hence , who has made the mistake? Is it the SAITM or the Medical council ?’  Rajitha rightly asked.
SAITM may have shortfalls , but what has to be determined  now is  the permissible minimum standard,   Rajitha asserted while emphasizing  it is he as the minister under the new government who took the first step towards that. The medical council was to make inquiries in that regard from the medical faculties , and  that report pertaining to the minimum  standard was to be handed over to him on the 22 nd of June , but that was the day the anti SATM students laid siege to the  health ministry . Owing to that unfortunate incident , the report was postponed , the minister lamented.
In any event both parties agreed to soon pass legislation on the minimum standard that has been finalized  now.

Now the students are bad !

When Padeniya and Haritha  Aluthge did a U turn and blamed the students for the damage  caused to the health ministry , and said they do not condone those actions under any circumstances , the P.M.  and Rajitha were rudely shocked  because they were the ones – the GMOA leaders who were from behind prodding and pushing  the students to stage indefinite strikes and resort to violence .
Padeniya and Haritha Aluthge anyway tried to defend themselves and  fasten the blame more on the Peratugami  cadres who they said were most responsible for the violent destructive activities while stating  the medical students on the contrary were peaceful.

The GMOA leaders also said , there was a competition between the Peratugami and JVP student cadres to score plus points . One party was trying to outstrip the other in violent activities to prove they were better revolutionaries  .The  GMOA leaders expressed their  resentment against them on that.

President of Medical council

The GMOA leaders next made a request to the P.M. and Rajitha to re-appoint Professor Lalitha Mendis as the new  president of the medical council who was holding that position before Dr. Carlo Fonseka . They explained  Professor Colvin Gunaratne who the government is going to appoint  is too old for that post. 

The characteristic stupidity of the GMOA leaders suffering from AIDS (Acquired intelligence deficiency syndrome) was clearly manifested by this request. Their earlier attempts were to appoint Dr.  Carlo Fonseka in support of which they even cruelly threatened to stage strikes jeopardizing lives of the helpless and  hapless patients . Dr. Carlo is older than Dr. Colvin Gunaratne. Dr. Carlo is now 84 years old whereas Dr. Colvin Gunaratne is 80 years of age.  Little wonder  these Padeniyas are rightly described as medical oppressors and imbeciles suffering from intelligence deficiency syndrome . After they tried  to  stage strikes to re appoint Dr. Carlo Fonseka who is 84 years old as the president of the medical council , are now saying Dr. Colvin Gunaratne  (80 years old and younger than Carlo Fonseka) whom the government is going to appoint is too old, and to appoint  Dr. Lalitha Mendis as the  new president of the medical council who provided facilities to  SAITM. 

 From what is revealed above ,one can imagine the intelligence deficiency  of these so called Padeniyas (  AIDS  contracted) who are pompously  posing and parading  as champions of the cause of medical education in SL.

Padeniya requested , if Lalitha Mendis cannot be appointed , at least to appoint Dr.Palitha Abeykoon as the Council’s president. By this request once again Padeniyas proved not only their intelligence deficiency even their most unscrupulous and unprincipled nature because Abeykoon is already a  chairman of a popular private hospital and a member of the board of Directors of another private hospital . Though he is a specialist and a Harvard degree qualified doctor the conflict of  interests is obvious if he is to be appointed as requested by Padeniyas because he is a chairman of a private hospital as well as a board member of another.  It is only mentally feeble or deranged  doctors will make such a request. 

No wonder Padeniya and his clan ( now confirmed imbeciles ) the so called leaders of the GMOA made  a real  hash of the SAITM issue , in addition to  imperiling lives of innocent patients and obstructing the education of immature medical students by  driving them to the streets to stage uncalled for strikes to their own  detriment and the entire country . 

In any case , the P.M. and Rajitha had to bear with patience and tell  these buffoons the laws pertaining to minimum standard is now almost finalized , and the draft thereof is in the final stage while its Sinhala and Tamil translations are also getting ready . 

The P.M. in reply to the proposals made by Padeniyas said , those have already been done. The new recruitments to SAITM and awarding of degrees are already stopped, he pinpointed. When Padeniya whose buffoonery and   tomfoolery have become known by now to the whole world said , that being done without a letter in writing is an  issue.  P.M. asked where on earth is a letter also needed  for a matter that is already being implemented ? If the GMOA has concurred in the decisions of the government intimated  in writing to the  SAITM  , is there anything more than that ? P.M. questioned. The P.M. also informed , next week SAITM has to register as a general company. 

The GMOA leaders finally agreed with P.M. and the Health Minister. Later the GMOA convened a media briefing and revealed ,  they have no necessity any more to stage strikes. 

The stark truth….

The stark truth is the GMOA leaders have  by now  proved to the  people of the country and the whole world by deed and word, they are  indeed a ruthless set of   medical oppressors  who have contracted acute AIDS (Acquired intelligence deficiency syndrome) and not medical doctors .  These leaders who rode the high horse have had a heavy fall worse than that of Humpty Dumpty . Following the discussions  they had with the P.M and Rajitha  they had to leave crestfallen . Now they cannot scream “SAITM ,SAITM” and stage ruthless , meaningless and senseless  strikes like street urchins , street idlers and  street loafers  while shamelessly calling themselves as doctors.  They are fully aware of the mounting public resentment and opposition against them . Besides the GMOA has been made a party to the appeal  filed in the supreme court (SC) by the medical council , in which event until the SC gives a decision the  GMOA cannot engage in its  favorite occupation of idlers  – strikes.  The SC is to deliver its decision in  early August. After that all have to abide by that decision , and the SAITM issue will be resolved.

It is significant to note it is while the government was making every sincere and diligent  effort to resolve this SAITM issue permanently, the GMOA on the other hand pursuing the evil agenda of Medamulana political agenda created mayhem in the country with the goal to topple the government using SAITM as  an issue. The Peratugami party which even opposed the national drugs bill used this SAITM issue to achieve its political objectives . The JVP the other revolutionary party also joined in to demonstrate they are more revolutionary than the Peratugami. These are two parties most notorious for their regressive policies and traitorous agendas standing in the way of every development effort geared for the benefit of the country and the people . Their so called revolutionary gains are losses caused to the younger generation - sacrificing the innocent lives of youths . Already the JVP has been discarded and  dis(credited) as being responsible for the deaths of many thousands of students and youths during their unsuccessful stupid  insurgency .

 Similarly in this anti SAITM protests it were the immature innocent students who lost their precious education and time , not to mention  their sufferings following police retaliation when they resorted to violence at the behest of  moronic GMOA and these  political party leaders. 
These deadly manipulations turned destructive not only against students of SAITM but even those of State universities . The immaturity of the students is understandable , but their parents cannot take refuge under that excuse. This is simply based on the hypocrisy and jealousy of the parents that another child should not study as well as their own. 

No matter what opinions are expressed superficially , this protest was initiated  not based on the harm befalling them rather on the jealousy that the other is going to benefit . It is no issue if these medical villains have waged their struggle to truly elevate the students of SAITM too to the same standard as theirs.  That was not their intention.  What they said was’ close the graduate shop.’ Going by all their villainy , venom and vengeful actions , it is a sure bet these present students of government medical colleges will turn out in the future  to be a group  of most jealous and venomous doctors who would be a bane to the profession , society and the country.  

By Chandra  Pradeep

Translated by Jeff

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