Mulaitivu where blood was shed then is a venue of blood donation now ! Sinha le and Tami le come together !

(Lanka-e-News -12.July.2017, 8.00AM) Following a request made by the officials of Mullaitivu district hospital , a group comprising  officers and others numbering about 350  at the Mullaitivu security corps headquarters   took part in a blood donation campaign on the 7 th.  It is at this very area some time ago there was a blood bath  , but today the soldiers are conducting a blood donation campaign on behalf of the people. This is a welcome  signal that even  amidst  those who are attempting to kindle racial hatred , there are  always opportunities for true reconciliation between the Sinhala blood (Sinha le )and Tamil ( Tami  le) blood.

This campaign was conducted at the security corps headquarters based on a request made by Dr. Rajitha Weerawardena the chief of the Mulaitivu hospital blood bank , and on the advice of the Mulaitivu security corps commander in chief  Major General Dampath Fernando . 

This campaign was held in the precincts of Mulaitivu hospital blood bank , with the  participation of  59 , 64 and 68 regiments of the Mulaitivu security corps headquarters  , Mulaitivu future maintenance area and members  of the army representing other units. 

(Photos and report by Vimukthi De Soysa) 

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