GMOA doctor terrorists voluntarily inviting trouble learn a lesson of their lifetime ! (video)

(Lanka-e-News - 11.July.2017, 6.10PM) The GMOA terror mafia  of Dr. monster Padeniya which has become a scourge of the country learnt a lesson of its life time yesterday  (10) . That was , following  an  attempt made by Dr. joker Padeniya using  the label of Professor  Carlo Fonseka  to stage indefinite strikes to the detriment of the poor suffering patients.  The GMOA leaders were  openly disgraced  by the professor personally  before the media cameras.

This dastardly attempt was made by the GMOA while the minister of health  was making preparations to appoint  Professor Colvin Gunaratne as the president of the Sri Lanka Medical Council following the completion of the  term of Dr. Carlo Fonseka  which ended on 2017-06-30 . In fact , Dr. Carlo Fonseka  held office a second term  after his  first  term of appointment was extended .

The GMOA now dubbed ‘Government Medical oppressors  association’,  the name which best suits it  based on its  terrorizing activities totally uncaring for the patients , the noble profession and the country at large sought to advance a most stupid argument in keeping with its lop sided policies and insanity fits . The GMOA’s abominable  and atrocious motive was  to pay off its inveterate grudge against the health minister who on the contrary  is considered by one and all as fully committed to improve the health services of the country on an unprecedented scale despite the sabotage activities of heartless criminal  Padeniyas alias  doctor jokers. 

Their foolish  argument was : the extension of  the services of Dr. Carlo Fonseka for six months following the end of his first term lasting five years is unlawful,  as legal provisions permit  only  to extend the term by another 5 years and not 6 months. 

It is unfortunate the GMOA which has lately contracted AIDS (Acquired Intelligence Deficiency syndrome ) , via this argument demonstrated only the intelligence deficiency of its leader  Dr. joker Padeniya and his group of  mentally sick moronic medics.  

Nowhere in the world a  term of office after the first appointment is extended to last the same period as the first. Extension of  a term is subject to  a specified time frame.  It is only the GMOA moronic doctors  of Sri Lanka who are  afflicted with AIDS-  Acquired Intelligence  Deficiency Syndrome are   ignorant of this fact . 

The GMOA of Padeniyas which is working according to the time table and  outdated sabotage theories of discarded and disdained ex president Medamulana threatened  on the 9 th ,   if Carlo is not re appointed they would stage an indefinite strike – the favorite occupation now  of these mentally sick AIDS contracted medical practitioners who prefer idling and street loafing carrying placards to honorably and honestly discharging their medical duties  for which they get  paid by the government . 
However when these doctor jokers of the GMOA met Dr. Carlo Fonseka on the 10 th (morning ) at his home they  were greeted by a reply that shocked and shamed them on an unprecedented scale. Fonseka  begged and said , not to stage strikes using him as an excuse. 

 ‘ I think you are committing a small foolish mistake . When I am one  having one foot in the grave , your action to stage strikes to extend my term of office is most reprehensible and abhorrent.  Hence son , I beg you  not to  indulge in that wicked strike. Please allow me to die happily. On the other hand if you do strike , that will be the day the ties between you and I will come to an end. ‘ This was the golden advice and dire warning given by Dr. Carlo Fonseka to doctor joker self centered self seeking Padeniya directly to his  face and his terrorist medics,  before the cameras.  Later Dr. Carlo Fonseka addressing the media revealed, if the (terror) doctors including Padeniya are still going on strike it is better they slit his throat first before engaging in that.
The GMOA and its terror doctors who have now become a worse  menace to the country than the drug dealers and addicts because of their strike addiction (AIDS)  had to go back dumbfounded and crestfallen. Dr. Carlo’s advice cum warning made them sadder but wiser perhaps. 

The GMOA which was exploiting the anti SAITM issue to stage strikes according to their own  whims and fancies thereby driving the poor helpless patients into abysmal suffering are now  thoroughly disappointed and defeated.  This is mainly because after the appeal court delivered a verdict that the medical degree of SAITM students  shall be accepted , and after  the Supreme court (SC) issued an order that the GMOA shall be made a party to the case filed following an appeal made to the SC by the Medical council against the appeal court verdict.

When the GMOA is a party to the litigation , it must necessarily wait until a judgment is delivered  by court . In those circumstances  the GMOA cannot stage strikes (even if it is suffering from incurable acquired intelligence deficiency strike syndrome) demanding that the SAITM shall be acquired by the government or citing such other flimsy excuses. At all  events the GMOA is now bound to abide by the pending SC decision whether it likes it or not. 

The Padeniyas who were hard pressed to meet the time schedules set by the Medamulanas , by trying to do their best to stage a strike making use of Carlo Fonseka , only ended up demonstrating  to the world their moronic traits , terrorist propensities and traitorous motives . No wonder this doctor mafia has become the butt of everyone’s jokes, and its leaders a laughing stock having lost all the prestige and dignity the medical practitioners enjoyed  in the past .

If anybody  is to wage a struggle on another’s behalf it is a natural requirement that he/she informs the other or gets his /her consent before the struggle is launched, and the people are only later notified.  Whereas these GMOA leaders , the two legged buffaloes have met Prof. Carlo Fonseka only after holding a media briefing and publicizing that they are striking on behalf of Carlo Fonseka . That is, being two legged buffaloes they have put the cart before the bulls ,  the only thing these two legged buffaloes  know to  do. They met Dr. Fonseka only the following day , and  met their Waterloo  too.

Dr. Fonseka not only rebuffed them and treated with absolute contempt , he even warned if they strike on his behalf they should do it only after cutting his throat (perhaps Dr. Carlo knew that GMOA was best at throat slitting!  )  . After facing the humiliation , the shameless GMOA went away with their media cameras not before describing Carlo Fonseka as a ‘nakiya’.

May we pray and ask even the worst enemy should not suffer such egregious disgrace , defeat and humiliation !
Right now , all what we can pray and hope for is , at least now the doctors who had appointed these two legged buffaloes as their association leaders would  open their eyes .

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The media should submit these doctors anti human actions to UK General Medical Council and other major medical councils so that they can blacklist them until they stop blackmailing innocent patients.
-- by Kiribanda on 2017-07-13

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