My self respect matters more than Ministry which is not my personal right- brags Sagala to match president’s braggadocio (video)

(Lanka-e-News -08.July.2017, 2.50 AM) A ministry is not his personal  right , and which ministry it should be is also not his right to decide , minister of law and order Sagala Rathnayake asserted when answering a question posed by a journalist at a media briefing Thursday (06). Sagala made these comments when responding  to a question raised by a journalist  quoting the president who said  if the ministry of law and order of Sagala is taken over by him he would show how to seize rogues within three months.

Sagala went on to brag that  from his childhood days he has been trained to do everything lawfully , and therefore he had never done anything flouting the law. Therefore he discharges whatever responsibilities entrusted to him duly, and to him his self respect matters more than anything else. 

Poor Sagala who is bragging he carries out his responsibilities duly and lawfully has still not even launched an investigation into the arson that was committed on Lanka e news portal  despite the glaring fact , it is over two years since this empty stupid  braggart was appointed as minister of law and order . 

Hereunder is the video footage of Sagala ‘s speech full of flatulence and empty of substance

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Saving Gota from the gallows is also lawful according to him. The is no law and order in Sri Lanka thanks to this in Sri Lanka. Shameless skunk holds ministerial position just to protect corrupt politicians of the previous government. You should go and commit suicide if you have any self respect.
-- by Robinhood on 2017-07-10

This Moron Sagala Rathnayake and Wijedasa Rajapaksa must have been born from an elephants Arse,these two bastards goes to almost every temple for people to see and worship buddha lifting their filthy stinking arses bth these Morons must be actually skinned alive inside Parliament house absolute filthy currupt bastsrds
-- by surath on 2017-07-12

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