Do the monks want to make JR’s constitution a rebirth cycle? Mahanayake’s vacuous statement draws heavy flak at cabinet meeting (Video)

(Lanka-e-News - 05.July.2017, 11.55PM) The communique issued yesterday 04)  by Asgiriya mahanayake and a group which object to the new proposed constitution that is designed to  abolish executive presidency , as well as introduce devolution of powers , and which constitution was ratified by not one but two separate people’s referendums drew heavy flak  from both parties , the UNP and the SLFP . At the cabinet meeting today (05) to reveal the cabinet decisions this traitorous and obnoxious opposition of the mahanayake  group  was roundly and justifiably criticized. 

Cabinet spokesman  Rajitha Senaratne while  asking ‘are the monks saying , the constitution of JR shall be treated like a rebirth cycle?’ bitterly criticized the inappropriate statement made  by the mahanayake that the new constitution is not necessary.

In 1958 because the monks opposed the granting of reasonable use of the Tamil language , Late  S .W. R. D  Bandaranaike had to tear that apart . But when Chandrika his daughter in 1998 ,  40 years later  made Tamil a state language , the monks remained quiet and were patient , by which time  the country had been plunged into a most devastating  ethnic war , he pointed out.
When a new constitution is being prepared to ward off another war like what  flared up in the country then , it is most unfortunate and a curse that selfish self centered individuals because of their greed for evil power are mounting opposition , Rajitha bemoaned with concern. How wrongful is the   statement of Asgiriya mahanayake  vis a vis the most  reasonable  statement made by TNA leader  Sampanthan  that the devolution of power shall not be inimical to the Sinhala majority ?  Rajitha questioned. 

Those who are objecting  now are those who are aware they have the right to oppose it at  a people’s referendum in respect of the new constitution , he pinpointed. 

A proper decision pertaining to the new constitution has still not been arrived at and various views are being examined  during discussions . Hence , Dayasiri Jayasekera the co media spokesman should refrain from uttering falsehoods  on outside platforms referring to bits and pieces  that were inconclusively discussed. That must stop ,  Rajitha noted. Devolution of power up to the periphery is necessary , but how that could be done is being discussed , Rajitha went on to emphasize. 
In fact a consensual government was formed solely and wholly because a new constitution was  necessary to halt another holocaust – a war  in the country . The new constitution cannot be passed without  the concurrence of country’ s two main political parties, he highlighted.

The video footage of the eye opening speech of Rajitha Senaratne at the cabinet meeting  against the untoward and uncivilized views of chaos  and conflict prone mahanayake  groups seeking to plunge the country into another destructive war is hereunder. 

It is a pity the lay leaders have to impart  pristine Buddhism to the religious leaders  in this country 

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