Austin Fernando appointed as presidential secretary – a most unerring appointment made by good governance yet !

(Lanka-e-news -03.June.2017, 11.30PM)    As reported  by Lanka e news yesterday  so it happened . The vacancy that arose following the resignation of president’s secretary  P.B. Abeykoon , was filled by Kalupage Austin Fernando a most popular and reputed State administrative officer. This appointment was made by the president this morning. 

It is the view of political analysts , this is the first most unerring appointment  Maithripala   Sirisena made since  becoming the president . 

Austin Fernando  is a government  officer who is a long time UNP sympathizer, and  at the same time a  supporter of any  progressive policies of the SLFP . He can safely and surely be described as an officer who was never racism prone , and therefore ideally  suited for the promotion of reconciliation policies of the government . 

As Lanka e news already revealed yesterday , Austin Fernando is not venal and never after bribes. He is a gentleman and a most sought after government servant during his 50 years of service or more  in the state sector . Besides, he is proficient in both languages . 

He is an old boy of Richmond College , Galle and passed his degree examination at the Peradeniya University. Later he secured the post graduate qualification from Sri Jayawardenapura University. Prior to joining the administrative  service , he was serving as a teacher for a short period.

He had worked  as district secretary Polonnaruwa  and Nuwara Eliya;  Commissioner of cooperatives ; and  Post master general. He has also served as secretary at  powerful ministries including  Ministry of  administration , ministry of internal affairs and ministry of defense .

He also held the post of governor of Eastern province , and prior to his latest appointment as secretary to president , he was an advisor to the president.

By a strange quirk of fate  , when president Maithripala Sirisena  secured his first appointment  in his career as grama sevaka , Austin Fernando was his superior officer holding the post of District secretary .

In any event thankfully , what Lanka e news feared  and reported based on recent events , did not occur, that is , some weird thing happening in the previous night before the appointment which perhaps could have befouled the sane and sensible thinking capacity of the president. 
In the evening of 2015-01-09 after Maithripala Sirisena took oaths as the president of the country at Independence square , when he was inquired  by those who were in the vanguard of propelling the good governance government to victory , about the presidential secretary to be appointed , Maithripala replied , he has not decided that yet. 

Subsequently , other leaders  held discussions in the night with regard to who shall be  appointed as president’s secretary. Everyone proposed names but none mentioned P.B.Abeykoon.  However while the president was  at home and as  the night advanced , the president phoned the other leaders and informed he has found a secretary , whereupon other leaders lost interest in looking for a secretary. 

The other leaders realized only the following morning , Maithri has referred to Abeykoon  as the secretary. Though they could not believe their ears , they kept silent assuming that there was an understanding between the president and Abeykoon. 

However , when the tasks were entrusted , and official activities  were in progress , the president  lost confidence in Abeykoon and was disgruntled with his performance. During the last over two years Abeykoon became noted as the officer who  faced   most flak from the president . Perhaps, this fact is best known between both of them – the president who appointed the misfit and Abeykoon with  the putrid antecedence who became president’s incessant  pain in the neck finally .  

But now there cannot be such issues between the old ‘boss’ who is the present secretary, and the president. 
Lanka e news congratulates and wishes Austin Fernando all the best on his new assignment !

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