Pro Peratugami party hooligan student pawns attack participants of pirith ceremony with clubs and scold sangha members in filth !

(Lanka-e-news -03.June.2017, 11.30PM)   The official association of the faculty of Sri Jayawardenapura University decided to hold the annual grand pirith pinkama ( Buddhist  religious ceremony) on the night of June 30 th with the full consent of the administrative authority of the University .  However when the pirith  ceremony was in progress with the prelates of the temples of the area leading the ceremony , most unfortunately the hooligan student leaders who are pawns of Peratugami party mounted opposition.

A short while after the pirith ceremony was begun , these student sinners  armed with clubs stormed into the venue of the peaceful pirith pinkama  and started attacking the students participating in the ceremony. The monks who were conducting the pinkama had most politely told these student thugs , ‘if there is any issue children  , let us sit and discuss .‘ The Peratugami extremist brutes  who have never known what is courtesy and civilized conduct  have then turned their venom and vengeance against even the sangha members . While obstructing  the prelates  , the student thugs  have scolded them in foul and filthy  language  displaying their true barbaric colors.  

Throughout the pirith ceremony proceedings and sermons , since these student thugs were shouting and behaving violently disturbing the sangha members , the latter who were disgusted with their rowdy conduct had exclaimed  , ‘they are not educated intelligent students but a group of underworld criminals.’

Not only Sri Lankans  even the whole world knows it is only student slaves  of the Peratugami party who would behave this brutally and barbarically. In fact they cannot be  identified except  alongside  the  underworld criminals.  When these student thugs were launching attacks , even the Dons of the University in charge of discipline and other responsible officials could not stop them despite their determined efforts. It was clear to all , these student  thugs who are underworld criminals in the making are Peratugami party political pawns. 

Although the media reported this incident as a clash between student factions, truly  , it is the student thugs of Peratugami who attacked  the other students who were peacefully participating in the pirith ceremony with clubs , fists and feet . The valuable witnesses who would bear testimony to this are bhikkhus themselves who too were persecuted .

The vice chancellor who appeared on the scene said , ‘there may be faults on both sides , hence it should be resolved amicably without damaging the reputation of the Institution .‘  However the sangha members who were there right along and knew what exactly took place retorted , ‘there was no such thing involving two parties. It was a group wearing masks who launched the attack mercilessly on the peaceful students participating in the pirith ceremony, with clubs.’ 

Was the vice chancellor trying  to  defend the disgraceful student thugs who not only brought the University to disrepute but even his own dignity , if he has  any ?  when in fact what should have been done is chase  away these student thugs who are serving as slaves of  villainous politicians ,  out of the University forthwith , and close the body of the student slaves serving the rejected and regressive  politicians before they  soil the reputation of the University and irreparably damage the very structure of the lofty  seat of learning .
Are these puny rascals who are underworld members in the making enjoying political patronage  and their  violence prone  political mentors behind this nursing the view ,  the public are paying taxes to educate the student (thugs) to  produce a generation of underworld scoundrels and leaders who are going to wreak disaster on the nation and the country finally  ? 

Is the University Vice (s)  Chancellor such a stupid moron to forget the history so soon , that  is , a student of the same village of the student thugs who opposed the barbaric ragging was assaulted and killed within the University premises itself ?

It is well to recall this  is the same Vice(s)  Chancellor who  mounted public  platforms  and appeared on state televisions to laud loudly and proudly the Rajapakse projects such as Hambantota Port and  Mattala Airport during the run up to the presidential elections to promote Mahinda Rajapakse’s victory .

 It is significant to note because of this faceless   shameless Vice(s) chancellor  , Mohan Silva was subjected to injustice and unfair treatment . Subsequently , it is the government of good governance that saw to it Mohan Silva’s grievance was redressed by appointing him as the president of University Grants commission.

Therefore ,it is suspicious the  aim and agenda of this Vice (s)  Chancellor is coinciding with and are as evil and vile as those of the joint opposition and the corrupt, crooked , deposed and presently people discarded Rajapakses.  Little wonder he mollycoddles those of the   evil forces within the University even after being fully aware they  are anti national , anti establishment  , anti good governance and absolutely detrimental to the interests of the entire country. 

This Vice(s) Chancellor who ignored a complaint made against a student for scolding  an administrator in the hostel in filthy language and assaulting  him , later commenced investigations only when the non academic staff got ready to stage a strike, and he became jittery and panicky. 

Some time later it came to light the student whom this Vice(s) Chancellor protected was involved in another criminal incident , and was punished consequent upon which he was banned from entering the University premises. It is  this type of students and thugs this Vice(s) Chancellor gave protection and promoted.  No wonder the university is now a bedlam of hoodlums. 

The University is a hotbed of violence and crimes involving students pampered by him so much so that every one of the 13 canteens within Jayawardenapura is  being robbed by groups storming into them  every now and then. Though there is  a team of security officers attached to the University , as well as private security personnel on duty , this group of students- the budding underworld criminals are continuing to  commit robberies as usual  without let or hindrance. 

Apparently , the gross weakness and incompetence of the administration is a blessing in disguise to these murderous and   marauding students.

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