Asgiriya mahanayake was appointed on vote rigging ! statements of such corrupt monks unacceptable – true nayakes rip off his robes (video)

(Lanka-e-News - 30.June.2017, 11.45PM)  Three  nayake monks who are  true sons of pristine Buddhism issued a red signal to Asgiriya mahanayake who was elected to the mahanayake position via dubious and deceitful voting and illicit methods . 

it is well to recall during the period when the presently deflated and defeated  Gnanassara the notorious robed debauched monk who is having three clandestine families while wearing the sacred saffron robe was  ‘setting fire’  to the country , it was Asgiriya mahanayake who never opened his mouth even to say ‘ don’t do that’  against  rowdy monk Gnanassara engaging in hooliganism and insulting the Buddhist clergy and true Buddhist values.    Shamelessly , it is Asgiriya mahanayake who is even today  issuing statements endorsing the villainy and  hate mongering of Gnanassara  whose  putrid antecedence and debauched life  are well known despite being a so called Buddhist  monk who is wantonly disgracing his own religion .

The three most lofty  and most Ven . Devahuwe Chandananda mahanayake , Ven. Heenatiye Samitha nayake and Ven. Magalkadawala Punyassara nayake who attended a media discussion pertaining to religious freedom ,directly said , the abominable statement issued  by Asgiriya mahanayake recently shall be withdrawn ,  thereby ripping off Asgiriya mahanayake’s robes in the best interests of true Buddhism and its tenets. 
The three most Ven. Monks said some bhikkhus are claiming they have attained Buddhahood . Though according to history there were only four tooth relics , but now those are supposedly everywhere . Did the Mahanayakes probe into this ? these  three true concerned saffron  robed sons of Buddhism questioned .

The three most Ven . Nayakes of a rare loft caliber , representing  pristine and unadulterated Buddhism who exposed in writing the corrupt practices of Asgiriya mahanayake  when he contested the mahanayake elections , charged that the latter after the deaths of monks in the Viharas ,  forcibly ‘captured’ those temples  .  Eth Kanda viharaya is one example they pointed out.  When the appointment  of the Asgiriya  executive committee must be made based on  votes of 19 temples , how come it was appointed on the votes of 5 temples ? the three true Buddhist nayakes questioned while pinpointing that is illegal .Hence the  statement of such a mahanayake cannot be accepted they declared.

The three true Buddhist nayakes who are adhering to  pristine pure Buddhism went on to highlight how the Buddha sasana is being destroyed by those  who are  living in cubicles with air conditioned comfort and double beds, when they should instead be in  a meditating chamber with a place to sleep ,  a water goblet , a broken  coconut shell and  a short  stool which are all that are necessary .

The video footage of part of the soul searching media discussion of these three great and true   Buddhist priests– the truly robed sons of pristine Buddhism which should open the eyes of  genuine Buddhists is hereunder 

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May the force be with these Buddhist leaders. It is time that the Sangha speaks out.
-- by Suren Sangadasa on 2017-07-03

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