Gnanassara the curse of the country and century granted bail in all 3 cases ! Govt. abjectly capitulates to hooligan monks and Asgiriyathreats !!

(Lanka-e-News -21.June.2017, 11.30PM)  Following a notification issued yesterday  (20) by Ven. WarakagodaGnanarathaneThera , the mahanayake of Asgiriya chapter that if the laws are enforced against GalagodaAttheGnanassara ( the lawless robed hooligan monk who has become notorious as a scourge of the country and the century)  is arrested, that will trigger tension and unrest in the country , the government abjectly capitulated to  the threat.

Gnanassara  on whom a warrant has been issued was produced before the court by the police . He was  thereafter released on bail based on the grounds that there was no B report against him, and no objection was raised against his release on bail. 

Gnanassara surrendered to the Fort magistrate court this morning  ,based on  a warrant issued against him in the case in which Gnanassara was charged with storming into  a media briefing held by Ven. WatarekaVijithaThera, and blaspheming Islam and Quran. 

The court after withdrawing the warrant , released  him on bail while postponing the case until the 10 th of August .

Thereafter following another  notification , Gnanassara appeared at the prevention of organized crimes unit where he was summoned to  record a statement of his. The police which recorded his statement pertaining to the charges against him of forcibly obstructing the police officers in the execution of their duties , again produced him before court .

While releasing Gnanassara on a personal bail in a sum of Rs. 100.000.00 , and two surety bails Rs. 100, 000.00 each , the Colombo additional magistrate Buddhika Sri Ragalaclearly made it known to all ‘ the courts are not responsible for whatever situation that might be triggered hereafter , and that Gnanassara is being granted bail because the police did not submit the  report duly.’

Strangely DIG Kamal Silva of Police of organized crimes division did not object to bail being granted to Gnanassara. The  magistrate expressing surprise recalled how the police themselves reported to him  that Gnanassara made statements inciting violence that he would set fire to mosques , and he would kill Muslim families; and how the magistrate therefore gave the order after waking up at  midnight  taking into account the serious  threats and the grave situation . The magistrate therefore rightly questioned the police, how come , today they have done a U turn suddenly to release such a dangerous suspect , and is not objecting to bail? The magistrate also questioned the police why with regard to other normal suspects they don’t conduct themselves this way ? The magistrate categorically stated   he is thoroughly disappointed and disillusioned with the police. 

Gnanassara subsequently appeared in the Colombo chief magistrate court for yet another  case against him based on charges of holding a media briefing in Kennewelpitti or Weragodawella  district , Polonnaruwaand vilifying  the Muslim community. In that case too Gnanassara the robed goon who is disgracing his own religion by his violent and hooligan conduct was released on a cash bail of Rs. 10.000,00 , and two surety bails of Rs. 500,000.00 each. He was warned that if he tried to create panic  and be a cause of breach of the peace, his bail would be rescinded , and he will be remanded again.

In any event all these cases are not based on charges of committing contempt of court. Those are being heard in the appeal court. It is to be noted that though Gnanassara was evading courts citing various reasons , no warrant was issued on him. The court warned that if he kept away on the next occasion , a warrant will be issued.

Gnanassara who absconded courts saying he was sick  and  that there are threats to his life , on his way to secure bail today , showed no signs of  ‘sickness’ or facing threats to life . He  revealed to the  media ‘ the issues I stirred up hitherto have now  been transferred   to the Mahanayake’ 

Going by the notification issued by the Mahanayake of Asgiriya chapter ,  as well as  the government refraining from raising any objections  or making a report against  bail being granted to  Gnanassara , the people would have by now clearly understood this whole ‘circus’was  a play acting and a drama .  No matter what if all these circus acts how well or ill performed , will conduce and contribute to establishing peace in the country and create religious concord  , it is certainly welcome. 

( The notification  that rudely shocked the true Buddhists  issued by Asgiriyamahanayake who came forward shamelessly and brazenly to rescue notorious disgraceful drunkard Gnanassara the violent robed  thug is appearing elsewhere of the website) 

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Now we seem to already know the outcome of the court verdict.The Mahanayake gives another timely call: If the literally "sick" monk Warakagoda is found guilty, the country will be crippled by a tsunami-size wave of sadness and hopelessness.In other words, Mahanayake lawa Waraka baawanawa.
-- by Parakrama Bahu on 2017-06-22

This the type of God, the Buddhist want to worship! He and the mahanayakes are a damn shame. They all are an insult to Buddhism.Thanks they have limited damage by calling them Sinhala Buddhists so the rest of the Buddhists in the world can isolate the Sinhala Buddhists and declare Sinhala Buddhists as non Buddhists worshiping thugs.
-- by blabla on 2017-06-23

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