‘Dealdasa’ the infamous turncoat safeguarding Gnanassara, by trying to remove black coat of Lakshan meets his Waterloo again !

(Lanka-e-News -19.June.2017, 7.00PM)  The notorious turncoat, black coat, cut- throat minister of justice Wijedasa Rajapakse alias ‘Dealdasa’ who is viciously fomenting religious hatred among the people and seeking to drive the country into a holocaust while  supporting infamous robed  drunkard monk and thug Gnanassara to unleash violence against  the minorities of the country on the instructions of ex defense secretary murderous Gotabaya Rajapakse, furiously  threatened  he would remove the professional ‘title’ of lawyer Lakshan Dias . 

Wijedasa who was provoked , most arrogantly threatened Lakshan because the latter spoke on behalf of another  minority group that was  subjected to unwarranted suffering owing to the religious animosity which is being stoked by hate mongers like Wijedasa and Gnanassara to the detriment of the entire country. The threats and intimidation made to Lakshan by Wijedasa alias Dealdasa ( himself a black coated lawyer) who has made inciting religious hatred among the peace loving people  his favorite pastime , had obviously earned the displeasure and disappointment of the rudely shocked pro good governance masses.

Lakshan Dias is a lawyer who was in the vanguard of the struggle at that time even risking his own life  to throw out corrupt , cruel and despotic Rajapakses . Besides , he  led the campaign against the ousting of a former chief justice in a night, by the Rajapakses based on a conspiracy and vindictive grounds. He is a reputed lawyer well  known as one who played a key role in that struggle.

It cannot be forgotten it is this same  turncoat , cutthroat , black coat Wijedasa alias Dealdasa who some time ago similarly threatened and insulted Lanka e News editor , Professor Sarath Wijesuriya , JVP leader Anura Dissanayake and Sarath Fonseka (who faced a jail sentence )  despite the fact  that  all of them  made the largest  contributions to oust the criminal corrupt Rajapakse regime. 

We deem it our responsibility as a news website always championing the cause of truth and justice in the best interests of the nation , come what may , to clarify and crystallize the actual circumstances …..

Lakshan Dias who participated in the cordial political program conducted by one of a tv channel recently said, after the advent of the good governance government on 2015 -01-08 , 195 Christian places of worship were attacked. Dias while confirming  he is a lawyer revealed NCEASL (National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka) has made a written report on that. By browsing that website all details can be confirmed , and he is the lawyer who is appearing for them , he added. 

Since the attacks were launched after 2015 -01-08 , the chiefs of the good governance government should shoulder the responsibility  , but before all that it is the minister of justice Wijedasa Rajapakse who is primarily blameworthy for hiding Gnanassara the main  and preliminary cause of violence and hooliganism in the country . 

At a meeting ,Wijedasa said, he inquired about it from Rev. Cardinal  Malcolm Ranjith  , and since  the  latter repudiated the charges and said , there had been no such reports of violence , Lakshan had told lies.  Wijedasa therefore behaving like a toughie  threatened that if Lakshan does not make a public apology , he would next week take action to chase Lakshan out from his professional career. 

Who are Evangelicans ?

It becomes necessary at this  juncture to enlighten the  people on who are Evangelicans  ?

According to Rev. Malcolm Ranjith  ,based on a  statement made by him to the television channel , Evangelicans  are fundamentalists . That is, his sentiments were    because they are fundamentalists , attacking them is alright. 

In short Evangelicans are  a group which opposes  in the same way as true  Buddhists who are questioning how come Mahanayakes in SL  are enjoying pleasures and luxuries while being inside the temples and Maligawas , when the true Prince Siddhartha of the middle path  whom the mahanayakes are supposedly following  renounced all his wealth and luxuries and went out  in search of enlightenment ?

The main argument of this  group which originated in as far back as 1840 was ,if  Jesus who brought the divine message of god  to the people  sacrificed his life on the cross for the ‘sins of all the people’, then among all  human beings living now there is sin . When  that is so, then how can the Roman Catholic   priests become equal  to God and be revered as such ? Should there be a Holy Pope?  These are their questions among others.
They do not slavishly adhere to everything that is told in the Bible.  They are averse to the authoritarian powers  of the clergy. Therefore among the Evangelicans  there are no clergymen . They have only a lay organization structure .  This is akin to the administration by the Buddhist council of laymen sans monks at the Kalutara Bodhi. 

This Evangelical Christian forum commenced in SL as far back as in 1952 following country’s independence , and along with the Catholic churches losing the state sponsorship .

The three key cornerstones of their concept are human rights , economic and social  equality . Because they are opposed to the clergy system , they have no churches , and only have their Evangelical  center. There are 200 such centers across the country , and only about  200, 000 followers. They are a minority group of Christians in SL.  They must  have religious freedom. If anybody is condemning  them as fundamentalists and so forth , such an individual is deliberately undermining their religious freedom.  Moreover if any religious group has human rights , economic and social equality  as the  key cornerstones  of its  religious concept , what is wrong in that ? 

If that is the true picture of the Evangelicans  and  if they are opposed to Roman Catholic authoritarian  clergy , seeking an answer from  the Roman Catholic Cardinal in regard to the attacks launched against the Evangelical centers  are  most unfair and wrongful? Opportunistic  Wijedasa Rajapakse the notorious  turncoat , cutthroat , black coat has done exactly that !

Who should be asked about a crime ? the Cardinal or the IGP ?

A true government of good governance should inquire not from the Cardinal but from the IGP to learn of the truth if a lawyer is accusing that 195 religious places have been attacked. Or else from its security intelligence division . If Wijedasa the minister of Buddha sasana is not aware of the attack launched on the Evangelical  center , Devinuwara , Matara when  a group of  about 2000  broke into the center along with 30 robed monks , to cause havoc and unleash violence on 18 th of May 2017 , surely it is faceless, shameless  , characterless Wijedasa  the minister who should resign ,and not lawyer Lakshan Dias.

It is the duty of a government of  good governance to protect minority religious  groups from the attacks and violence unleashed on those citizens of the country  , and  not to threaten the individuals exposing those crimes. 

Whose ‘title’ should be stripped ?  Is it black coat Lakshan’s  or  turncoat  parana  coat Wijedasa’s ? 

Even if we  assume Lakshan told a lie, the minister of justice has no right to disbar  a lawyer . That is possible only by the supreme court (SC). It is a pity the minister of justice of SL is ignorant of that simple fact. 

When the minister of justice Wijedasa arrogantly  threatens  that he would strip Lakshan of his lawyer title , is n’t it he is demonstrating he has arrogated to himself powers of the SC ? Isn’t that clearly bringing pressure to bear on the SC by the justice minister?  

This same minister who is riding the high horse  only to have a heavy fall , similarly threatened the Lanka e news editor too earlier on. He bragged in parliament , on a red alert warrant the editor shall be arrested and fetched to SL . A few days later the notorious Gampaha magistrate issued an illegal Interpol warrant against the editor.

Though the CID later informed  court that the warrant was illegal and  cannot be executed , it was deducible    that rash court decision was based on the threat made by the minister because the latter  made that earlier. 

In any case  no legal  action could be taken against Wijedasa because he made the announcement in parliament taking refuge under  parliamentary privilege. But the threats and intimidation directed against Lakshan were made on ordinary platform by Wijedasa. Therefore one need not have a  doctorate in law to say , that Wijedasa as minister of justice has challenged the powers of  the SC unlawfully  , and that is something which can be proved before the law. 

Wijedasa who is riding the high horse and threatening all and sundry like a thug unlawfully despite being the justice minister who should uphold the law ,  also proved beyond doubt he is an accomplished liar of the worst grade.  Though Wijedasa  said he had no truck with Avant Garde owner, the  subsequent photos published  two weeks later of himself  with Avant Garde owner when they toured America on a holiday ,  proved beyond doubt that Wijedasa the turncoat- cutthroat had blatantly and brazenly lied in Parliament.
In the circumstances , before the title ‘lawyer’ of Lakshan is stripped unlawfully , not only the title of ‘lawyer’ but even the title ’president’s counsel’ of  Wijedasa  the double tongued double dealing culprit that are going to be divested under the law.  This is so certain it seems it is  inevitable.
Await the  second episode of Wijedasa  alias  Dealdasa which reveals the  desperate  efforts  he made to take a red alert warrant against Lanka e news editor, and how he stumbled and tumbled into  a precipice  most humiliatingly.

By Wimal Dheerasekera 

Translated by Jeff

You can watch the video footage related this incidents click following link

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This man and his immediate family should be blacklisted by every civilized country in the world. He has proven he is a true fascist and communalist - these people should have no place in a civilized society. No country should give him a visa except North Korea.
-- by Mohammed Sujain on 2017-06-20

Ranil wickremasinghe is at fault definitely ,he took the filthy Sagala Rathnayake to sinagopre to meet the currupt Mahendra Rajapaksa Ranil is now being hated in the international community as the backbvoneeless bastard in the UNP he is preventing evem Mangala Samaraweeara to be in the committee also excluding Sujeewa Senaasinghe this dirty Prime minister should now hang up his boots he is too big for them he is including the currupt wijedasa rajapaksa and the other Moron Sagala rathnayake these bastards are ruing the UNP with Ranil wickremassinghe,get out of Parliament your currupt now filthy man
-- by surath on 2017-06-22

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