SL’s Bulti Babas alias morons cashing in on rudderless SL ! Chairman chased out from Ports given double promotion !

(Lanka-e-News - 16.June.2017, 10.15PM)  Uneducated corrupt moron Dhammika Ranatunge who was chased out from the Ports authority as unfit has been appointed as the chairman of the Petroleum Corporation as well as  its subsidiaries.

It is well to recall Ajuna Ranatunge  was dismissed from the post of minister of Ports  following the cabinet reshuffle solely because of outrageous nepotism - appointing  his crooked kith and kin to various key positions including his notorious brother Dhammika Ranatunge as the chairman of Ports Authority , and thereby   paving the way for  monumental corruption in the Ports. 

This has now  come now to surface ,  when the corruption running into over a billion rupees  involving the Ranatunge brothers came to light following the new minister of Ports ,its chairman  and new administration   assuming duties, which necessitated them to halt that corrupt transaction forthwith . Incidentally , Dr. Parakrama Dissanayake appointed as the new chairman of Ports by the new minister Mahinda Samarasinghe is an expert who has specialized knowledge in relation to the subject he is handling .

Arjuna Ranatunge  who was thrown out from Ports , in a most rudely shocking move has appointed again infamous Dhammika Ranatunge his most corrupt moronic  brother who has  not even passed GCE  O/ L exam as the new chairman of the Petroleum Corporation , the country’s  economic nucleus of which , Arjuna is the new minister. This has been done as though to deliberately spread the corruption virus to the new ministry too  by  Arjuna. 

When making appointments to the high rungs of important Institutions of the country , those have to be approved by the parliamentary select committee concerning such appointments , and the appointment is  finally made  by the president. 

Even when Dhammika was holding the post of chairman , Ports Authority , a number of petitions  were received by this   Select committee against him (Lanka  e news in fact have published them) pointing out he is unsuitable to hold that post . Yet no decision on that was announced  against Ranatunges , until they were chased out from the Ports ministry recently.

Now, corrupt crook Dhammika  who was proved  unfit  for the post of chairman, Ports Authority has been appointed as chairman of not only Petroleum Corporation but also its subsidiaries. Mind you , that is with the approval of no less a parson than the president.

Previously , a separate chairman was appointed to the subsidiaries of the Petroleum Corporation , namely Ceylon  Petroleum storage terminals(CPSTL) , Ceypetco Aviation , and  Ceypetco Agrichemicals . Now notorious Dhammika has been appointed as chairman for all these as well as  the  Petroleum Corporation. Therefore , it is a crucial question why did the president dismiss Arjuna at all from the former ministry of Ports ?  What is the difference that exists between the appointment  of uneducated infamous Dhammika Ranatunge as chairman, Petroleum ,  and the appointment of uneducated brother of Shiranthi as chairman , Sri Lanka Air by then ex president Mahinda Rajapakse  who was thrown out lock , stock and barrel by the masses for committing  the same  outrageous blunders and ruthless crimes ? 

It is significant to note the Select committee was appointed supposedly with parliamentary powers with the aim and objective  to avert the hitherto controversial appointment of  political henchmen  and stooges. 

 That  committee comprises  the speaker as its chairman by virtue of his official parliamentary post ,  MP’s John Amaratunge, Nimal Siripala De Silva ,  Sarath Amunugama,Rauff Hakeem , Lakshman Kiriella , Wijedasa Rajapakse, Mano Ganeshan , Eran Wickremeratne , Dinesh Gunawardena, Vijitha Herath, Bimal Ratnayake , Mavai Senadhiraja ,Dharmalingam Sidharthan and Sumenthiran as its members. 

Sadly if the good governance government is to go on  functioning  in this manner , a select committee to make  top rung appointments is of no use and serves no purpose. It is  better therefore if it is dismantled . Otherwise the 6.2 million people who voted the government  into power (because they cannot be dismantled) should take off their clothes before the president . 

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