S.B. makes most salutary and innovative move ! Are you old ? Are you having issues or problems ? Then here is the solution

(Lanka-e-News - 16.June.2017, 10.00PM)   A publicity campaign to enlighten the public on the hotline 118 available during the entire 24 hours of the day for the benefit of the elders in the country who are confronting  issues and difficulties was inaugurated by minister of social welfare,  empowerment, and Kandyan heritage S.B. Dissanayake at  the National secretariat for elders on the 15 th. 

The minister who engaged in pasting publicity stickers on buses at Colombo Central Bus terminal along with officers of the national secretariat for elders , later addressed a media conference . The minister speaking at the media discussion said , elders  make up 14 % of the population in  this country , and that is the highest in Asia , and this  percentage is likely to shoot up to 25 % in the future . Hence this program was begun now itself to create an environment that will dignify and inspire the elders . The text of the  full  speech of S.B. Dissanayake is hereunder 

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