Foul language of filthy journalist to match John’s offensive language ! (video)

(Lanka-e-News- 13.June.2017, 11.30PM) The minister of  Tourism and Christian affairs, John Amaratunge  has by now become answerable to  society and  the people owing to the monumental environmental disaster resulting from garbage collected within the Colombo Municipal limits being dumped in Muthurajawela , a swampy land.   The  latest incident  relates to his use of  abusive  foul and filthy language  against a journalist who went to question him in that regard.

The news report apart , this journalist Bennet Ferdinandez who tried to question him is one who is best known for his  most  putrid career antecedence . He has been involved in so many disgraceful and dishonorable  activities exploiting his official position,  the details of which are in our possession. He  has acquired a notoriety for collecting kickbacks  from various parties abusing his career , and ‘selling’  his professional honor to do the sordid biddings of those parties.

It is the common habit of   any professional to stand by his/ her  colleague in the profession irrespective of what wrong the latter has committed . It is also generally the practice among professionals to defend his /her colleague in the event of he/she facing threats and intimidation from outside. 
Nevertheless  , as Gampaha  district journalists who always  safeguard the dignity and honor of the profession , we cannot in this instance   stand by journalist Bennet Ferdinandez,  in the incident in which the minister conducted himself most unethically and crudely.  

This is because Bennet Ferdinandez is one who based on the illicit benefits he derives from  various parties,  in order to  serve their  needs, scolds his media colleagues in filthy and foul language , with a view to  dominate  them enthroning  the  jungle laws which is his  obsession . The video herein only depicts just a fraction of his crude and barbaric conduct.

At this juncture while we make his barbaric and brutal conduct known to the whole world , we hope there will be initiated a separate social dialogue regarding the environmental disaster  for which the  minister John Aamaratunge is answerable. 

By Gampaha journalists for the protection of  professional dignity 

Post scriptum …
The heroic popular   ‘ Free media movement’ sprang forward to whitewash this media coolie without proper inquiry or analysis . Whereas other media organizations did not issue media communiqués on behalf of this media scoundrel .
It is therefore best if the ‘Free Media movement’ thinks not twice  but quadruple times before issuing  a communiqué in the future.

Watch the   video of the unscrupulous  district correspondent  who while demanding media freedom sells its honor for filthy lucre 

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